Child Abuse Is Legal Now

Much of the public’s acceptance of transgenderism is based on the belief that it only involves consenting adults, so therefore we should just let them be. It is also based on the belief that transitioning is a medical necessity. These are some of the misconceptions that people have about transgenderism. What is happening in some of these clinics involves neither consent nor adults.


It also does not involve a medical necessity. Children as young as nine are being given puberty blockers and then cross-hormones that will permanently stunt their growth, cause sterility, and lead to untold psychological consequences. The puberty blockers are administered to prevent the natural production of the body’s own hormones, so when puberty arrives, the boys’ bodies will not produce testosterone and the girls’ bodies will not produce estrogen. Later on they are injected with the hormones of the opposite gender to produce the desired, though unnecessary, effects. All of this is done only because of the child’s insistence that he or she is not the gender that they appear to be. Remember, there is no medical diagnosis for gender dysphoria. It is purely subjective. The only diagnosis is the patient’s own self-diagnosis. If you say you’ve got it, you’ve got it. Case closed. But that absurdity is multiplied by a thousand when we realize that the same is true for children. If a kid says he’s got it, he’s got it. Case closed. The doctors begin administering the hormone treatment with the justification that it’s what the child wants. But a child should never be allowed to make a decision of that magnitude. It is a drastic and life-changing treatment that should never be driven by a child’s impulsiveness. The doctors are betraying the children. If the public knew what was happening they would be in shock.

Transgenda breaks the taboo! This book says what most people secretly believe: that sex change is impossible. The majority of the population is opposed to the transgender movement, yet it continues because it’s not politically correct to criticize it.


Gender Dysphoria

Gender Dysphoria

If a man goes to a psychiatrist and says, “Doc, I think I’m a chicken”, what will the psychiatrist do? Will he stick feathers in the man so he can look like a real chicken? Or will he try to convince the man that he is not really a chicken? Hopefully, he would pick the second choice. Does the first one make any sense at all? Of course not. It’s completely absurd. But it parallels the absurdity of a sex-change operation. If a man thinks he is a woman, he is clearly in a delusional state. Why would the psychiatrist feed the delusion instead of curing it? If he really wants to do what’s best for the man, he would try to help him deal with reality and accept himself for who he is. Transgenders are in a delusional state and are in need of counseling or therapy. To simply affirm their delusion is not helping them at all.


The condition that we are dealing with here is called gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria is the magic bullet theory of transgenderism. It is a desperate attempt to make sense out of something that makes no sense at all. Like the magic bullet theory, it cannot withstand scrutiny. It seems almost semi-reasonable on the surface, but falls apart upon closer inspection. Supposedly, this is a medical condition that is “cured” by a sex-change operation. Let’s take a closer look at how gender dysphoria is defined:

Gender Dysphoria: unhappiness with one’s biological sex or its usual gender role, with the desire for the body and role of the opposite sex.

A persistent unease with having the physical characteristics of one’s gender, accompanied by strong identification with the opposite gender and a desire to live as or to become a member of the opposite gender.

Dissatisfaction or discomfort with one’s phenotypic gender.[1]

Notice the use of words like “unhappiness,” “unease,” “identification,” “dissatisfaction,” and “discomfort.” These are all words that indicate a psychological condition. There is no medical or physical confirmation of any of these symptoms. The diagnosis of gender dysphoria is based completely on how the patient feels. He is “unhappy” with his biological sex, or he is “dissatisfied” with his gender. But what medical tests are there to confirm this? Do blood tests show gender dysphoria? Does the CAT-Scan or MRI show gender dysphoria? Do the X-rays show that the patient is in the wrong body? No. Medically speaking, gender dysphoria is a phantom disease. There is no medical diagnosis for it. Because it is all based on the patient’s subjective experience, the only diagnosis is the patient’s own self-diagnosis. He feels like he’s in the wrong body, so he is. There is no test to show if that feeling is right or not. That feeling could be caused by things like trauma, stress, drugs, pressure, etc. In other words, that feeling could be wrong. Yet, that feeling is all that defines this condition.



Urging all to speak out against this travesty.



U.K. Christian Counselors Condemn Gender ‘Conversion Therapy’


Participants wait backstage before a transgender fashion show, held to raise funds for a local LGBT shelter, in Istanbul, Turkey. November 20, 2014. 

The Association of Christian Counsellors has joined a number of other British organizations in declaring that transgenderism is not a mental disorder, and that “conversion therapy” is harmful to patients.

Numerous other experts, however, have warned that people with gender identity issues do have deep disorders, with surgery sometimes leading to suicidal thoughts.

The Memorandum of Understanding, which was signed earlier in October also by groups such as the U.K. Council for Psychotherapy and the British Psychological Society, explains that it serves as a warning against the practice of “conversion therapy” in the country.

Signatory organisations agree that the practice of conversion therapy, whether in relation to sexual orientation or gender identity, is unethical and potentially harmful,” the memorandum reads.

“Signatory organisations agree that neither sexual orientation nor gender identity in themselves are indicators of a mental disorder.”

The document affirms that the organizations are not trying to “deny, discourage or exclude those with uncertain feelings around sexuality or gender identity from seeking qualified and appropriate help.”

“Some people may benefit from the challenge of psychotherapy and counselling to help them manage dysphoria and to clarify their sense of themselves. Clients make healthy choices when they understand themselves better.”

The ACC, which was set up in 1992, says on its website that it acts “as a Christian voice for its members in relation to Government, educators and other organisations in related fields in the UK.”

The American College of Pediatricians, meanwhile, says gender dysphoria is a mental disorder and is opposed to bans on “conversion therapy.

“A person’s belief that he or she is something they are not is, at best, a sign of confused thinking. When an otherwise healthy biological boy believes he is a girl, or an otherwise healthy biological girl believes she is a boy, an objective psychological problem exists that lies in the mind not the body, and it should be treated as such,” ACPeds stated.

“These children suffer from gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria, formerly listed as Gender Identity Disorder, is a recognized mental disorder in the most recent edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association. The psychodynamic and social learning theories of GD/GID have never been disproved.”

ACPeds has also noted that bans on “conversion therapy” “prevent therapists from exploring not only a young person’s sexual attractions and identity, but also his or her gender identity. Therapists are not allowed to ask why an adolescent believes he or she is transgender; may not explore underlying mental health issues; cannot consider the symbolic nature of the gender dysphoria; and may not look at possible confounding issues such as social media use or social contagion.”

With more children and adolescents being encouraged to undergo hormone treatments that block puberty, physicians have been speaking out about the dangers of going down that path and how little is being said about the risks.

During a panel last week hosted by the conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation, doctors warned that children and families struggling with gender dysphoria are not receiving the facts to inform their decisions.

“If you are going to take a standard approach to a treatment condition of any sort — not just gender issues, and make that drastic of a change — one would expect that there was a landmark study that was done, a randomized, controlled trial or a series of very important findings that consistently showed that this is a good idea,” warned Paul Hruz, a St. Louis-based doctor who is a professor of pediatrics, endocrinology, cell biology and physiology at the Washington University School of Medicine.

“The reality is there is no science to back this drastic change.”

Earlier this month, Professor Miroslav Djordjevic, a leading genital reconstructive surgeon, warned that a growing number of biological males who underwent operations to look like females suffer deep issues of regret.

The Serbian surgeon talked about the “crippling levels of depression,” including suicidal thoughts, that transgender patients wishing for a reversal have shared with him.

Tune again for my personal view on the widespread lies of this entire topic.


Opinion: Red for Ed duped Arizonans into backing politics, not teachers


To quote the great oracle, Brittany Spears, “Oops, I did it again.”

I was duped — once more — by the Arizona education system. We were all had.

I, along with thousands of other Arizonans, wore red on Wednesday. It was in support of the Wear Red for Ed movement that had all the makings of the West Virginia teacher’s strike.

This was it. I thought the teachers of this state had enough and it was time to mobilize.

As I mentioned in Wednesday’s blog, I was unsure about wearing red. I had the same feeling I did after voting for Proposition 123. Something didn’t feel right.

I should have followed my intuition, as we were all punched in our red-shirt wearing guts during a press conference from the Arizona Education Association. A strike was not announced. Instead, it was an endorsement of gubernatorial candidate David Garcia.

Wait, what? This Wear Red for Ed campaign was all a political publicity stunt? You have got to be kidding me!

This great and trusting community was publicly showing their support for teachers, not a political candidate!

This was a very bad look for a group of professionals that seeking community support.

On top of that, they backed a candidate who took the podium to announce a $1 billion tax increase by using the old Democrat play of vilifying corporations and those evil one percenters.

Tell me, which one of the past three tax and spend education measures fixed the teacher compensation problem? Or even the classroom funding problem?

If you said, “none of them,” straight to the head of the class with you! It’s not looking like a fourth will do much good.

Hopefully, the Arizona Education Association will soon realize that this is a problem of fiscal irresponsibility, not a funding problem.

The Arizona Department of Education have been horrible stewards with our tax dollars and, until they live up to that responsibility, I’m pretty sure Arizona won’t be willing to toss another billion on the fire.

Look, I like Garcia. I have interviewed him twice. He is a very intelligent and a good man. In fact, he should be sitting in the very office that Diane Douglas occupies. But this was a terrible move, politically.

This will be seen as a major step forward for Gov. Doug Ducey’s reelection bid. Yes, a governor that thinks a 0.4 percent pay increase for teachers is something to celebrate.

It’s a victory for Ducey only because it is such a bad look for his opposition.

Those that were wearing red — the voters — were tricked into becoming part of a campaign publicity stunt for a candidate that wants to tax and spend our way out of the problem.

As you have just read, the blame for low teacher compensation does not fit squarely on the shoulders of state legislators. District offices would be great places to start.

Demand that they explain to teachers and taxpayers why they decided to use Prop. 123 funds in ways not advertised by the campaign and give a reason why some district heads are being paid four or five times more than teachers.

Finally, don’t settle.

The teachers of West Virginia caved for a measly 5 percent increase. If you are going, go all in. Demand real, meaningful change in the system. Demand that the state of Arizona fix this broken education compensation system and the department of education get their fiscal house in line with the real world.

Once again, it’s time to talk like grownups. After all, it’s for the kids, right?

Amazing Encounters with Angels, Demons & Heaven! | Henry Gruver Published on Apr 1, 2018

               Testimonies from Henry Gruver. A man i have met and have had prayer walks with one of his daughters.

Forced to stay Gay

California to Ban Books?

AB 2943 an Assault on the First Amendment

John Stonestreet And Roberto Rivera |

Once again in California, we see that the new sexual orthodoxy trumps the Constitution.

All Americans should be alarmed, and I mean increasingly so, about the California Assembly’s increasing disregard for the First Amendment.

After all, it’s the California Assembly that attempted to require pro-life pregnancy centers to advertise the state’s “free or low-cost” abortion services, the subject of a recent Supreme Court oral argument.

Even liberal Justice Sotomayor called that law “burdensome and wrong.”

But now, the California Assembly has voted to add what it calls “conversion therapy” to the list of “deceptive business practices” prohibited by state law. California already banned “conversion therapy,” at least for minors, in 2012. This new bill, AB 2943, not only extends that ban to adults, it also makes the sale of all goods and services involving “sexual orientation change efforts” an “unlawful business practice.”

Thus, according to this bill, you can talk to a psychotherapist about your same-sex attraction as long as the goal is “acceptance, support, and understanding” and avoiding “unlawful conduct or unsafe sexual practices.”

But if the goal is to somehow to alter or even rein in those attractions or associated behaviors, it’s against the law.

Now by itself, this level of state interference with patient-doctor relationships raises significant constitutional issues. It’s forgotten that an important part of the rationale behind Roe v. Wade was that the right to privacy included doctors and patients being able to decide on a course of treatment without undue government interference.

But what makes matters worse is that AB 2943 is so broadly and vaguely worded. It’s hard to predict where this thing will reach. Words like “goods,” “acceptance,” “support” and “understanding” are the legal equivalent of minefields waiting to blow up.

For example, if a psychotherapist doesn’t try to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity but is, in the patients’ eyes, insufficiently accepting, supportive, and understanding, has he run afoul of AB 2943?

And what constitutes a “good?” Does an academic field of study count as a “good” or “service?” The implications for Christian colleges and universities are dire. Will a Summit Ministries conference, which teaches students they don’t need to act on same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria, be illegal in California?

What about books, particularly those that endorse historic Christian teaching on sexuality and marriage, like my book with Sean McDowell? Would it be banned under this law?

It’s absurd that under AB 2943, a California bookstore could sell “Mein Kampf” without legal repercussion, but not a book on changing, or even curbing the acting upon, sexual orientation. Nor is it clear which books would run afoul of AB 2943. There’s no spelled-out difference between a “how to” manual for conversion therapy and a legal and cultural analysis of the issues, like, for example, “When Harry Became Sally” by Ryan Anderson.

The bottom line is that AB 2943 is a textbook example of viewpoint discrimination.

David French of National Review is right when he calls the bill “extraordinarily radical.” It should alarm us all that the obvious constitutional problems weren’t obvious to the sponsors and supporting legislators.

The California Senate will now take up the bill. If you live in California, you need to let your senator know that stifling free speech under the guise of consumer protection is beyond unacceptable. If you don’t live in California but have friends and relatives who do, send them this commentary and urge them to contact their state senator.

And for all of us: We need to pray that they will find wisdom and courage to do the right thing.


California To Ban Books? AB 2943 an Assault on the First Amendment

As John has said, this is a troubling step by California’s legislature. Pray that the state senate does not disregard the First Amendment right of freedom of speech, and that viewpoint discrimination is not allowed to take root. And as John has suggested, if you live in California, contact your state senator. If you don’t live in California but have friends and relatives who do, send them this commentary and urge them to get in touch with their senators.


For anyone who wants to learn more or directly contact their senators, California Family Council has set up


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Take a moment to listen to Pastor Henry Wright. You will hear some clear head statements. Please make comments .

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