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Welcome to a sore eyed readers book review. I have had the enjoyment of reading a few books i think are noteworthy.


Fiction: A Skeleton in God’s Closet.

Dr. Paul Maier professor of ancient history at Michigan University pens out a story that is a real roller coaster of a ride for  Dr. Jonathan Weber, Harvard professor and Biblical scholar who is set to embark on an archaeololgist’s  dream-come-true, a dig in Israel like no other dig. Fast paced, short lived his dream turns into a nightmare that could be the death rattle of Christianity.

An Ancient Skeleton is discovered in Israel, will it shed new life on the life of Jesus or plunge the world into darkness and chaos?

a skeleton in gods closet

  This is my first read by Dr. Maier who i found to be a real treasure in that he brings out facts of ancient Isreal and writes in a way to cause a true “suspension of disbelief ” so necessary to bring you as a reader into the story. I agree with others who claim he has created a new genre—The theological thriller.

Fiction:More than a Skeleton.

Dr. Paul Maier spins another Theological Thriller in More than a Skeleton. A man claiming to be Jesus is in Rome. Is it the beginning of the end?

Joshua Ben-Yosef attracts a huge following. He was born in Nazareth to parents name Mary and joseph and speaks more than a dozen languages–fluently and without accent.His words ripple with wisdom and authority. he heals the sick, gives sight to the blind, casts out demons, and even raises the dead.
Is Dr. Merton, the well-known leader and author of end-time books, correct about the return of Christ? It seems everyone is a believer in this “Messiah” including Jonathan Weber’s wife, Shannon especially after Joshua performs the ultimate sign by raising a disciple from the dead. Page after page draws you into this than a skeleton

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  1. Chris
    Mar 17, 2013 @ 00:32:15

    Sounds like a great read!


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