The Christian case for Trump

By Mark Landsbaum

The world spends a lot of effort persuading people that evil is really something good: the killing of babies in the womb, engaging in sexual perversion, confiscating of what belongs to someone to give to someone it doesn’t belong to.  These are all evil acts — unless you ask the worldly.

But the Evil One is even more insidious.  He also ironically manipulates good people’s fear of embracing evil.  A handful of Christian friends, among those who receive a weekly Bible study I write, have announced they cannot vote for Donald Trump.  Their bottom-line objection is that a Christian shouldn’t vote for such an unpleasant, some say despicable person.

The irony of their self-righteousness apparently is lost on these friends.  I confess to having had similar reservations four years ago.  But as the election neared, I decided that impetuousness and obnoxiousness were a better bet than a proven criminal who would unashamedly advance outright evil, such as baby-killing.  Time has shown that I gambled right.

Donald Trump has done more for the cause of life, for religious liberty, for improved economic conditions of people of all races, for law and order, for ratcheting down overbearing government, for easing tax and regulation burdens and a host of other good things than any president in my lifetime.  Even Ronald Reagan.

It’s understandable that people are put off by the prospect of having to choose “the lesser evil.”  But that’s the wrong way to frame the choices.

Every candidate falls short of the glory of God.  The choice is, and always is, which candidate will do more good.  That choice in November is obvious, especially given Trump’s track record and the threatening promises of his opponent to renew Barack Obama’s destructive transformation of America.

For my Christian brethren, who are considering voting for Trump’s opponent or not voting at all, I add to my prayers this reminder.  Throughout history God has used people to do great things even to be His own disciples whom the self-righteous wouldn’t have chosen.  As the apostle wrote:

For consider your calling, brothers: not many of you were wise according to worldly standards, not many were powerful, not many were of noble birth.  But God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise; God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong;  God chose what is low and despised in the world, even things that are not, to bring to nothing things that are,  so that no human being might boast in the presence of God. (1 Corinthian 1:26-29)

If that is not sufficient reminder, consider the roster of the Christian faith hall of fame, as it were, as enumerated in Hebrews 11:32.  Christian author Gary DeMar reminds us that this is a list of bad guys that probably no political party would have nominated for dogcatcher.  But God chose them. 

  • Gideon (an idolater)
  • Barak (a coward)
  • Samson (a womanizer far worse than JFK and Bill Clinton)
  • Jephthah (son of a prostitute, who “lived with a gang of scoundrels,” and made a reckless vow that cost his daughter her life)
  • Samuel (a terrible father who raised evil sons)
  • David (an adulterer and murderer)

As has been the case for several election cycles now, this vote comes at a pivotal time for the nation.  Americans have clear-cut alternatives: big, invasive, dictating government that will advance actual evil (see their party’s platform).  Or voters can choose a continuation of the liberties and blessings delivered by a too-often abrasive and obnoxious president, who already has shown what great good he can deliver.

Donald Trump is a fallen sinner like Gideon, David, Samuel, and the rest of us.  But his track record is proof that he is clearly the better choice.  This should be clear even for those of us inhibited by self-righteousness.

As one of my favorite Bible study leaders frequently reminds us, “Get over it.  Do the right thing.”

Let’s not forget he is not a politician, but a genuine leader a real, executive. The office of the president is called the executive office.

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lena Rae
    Aug 28, 2020 @ 00:31:13

    I have heard these arguments before. At the same time Christians in America have lost respect around the world. Trump has done good things there’s no doubt. But has he cost us too much? I voted for him four years ago because I was afraid of the alternative. I have decided fear is not a good reason to vote one way or another. I am not looking forward to that alternative coming fruition this election but I will not be voting for Trump again. At this point I don’t know who I am voting for. It will not be Biden. That much I know.


    • Mannyr
      Sep 30, 2020 @ 17:57:02

      i respect you right to vote as you wish. IO know every body says dont vote out of fear, but are we thinking about the Democrats and what they stand for? President Trump has his flaws like all of us. But at least he takes a stand on issues instead of obstructing issues. may our Lord lead us to vote correctly. i see it as good vs evil.


  2. Chris
    Aug 31, 2020 @ 16:33:59

    Many good points here, Manny. I will be voting for Trump because the alternative is unthinkable. As many have observed, the platforms of the parties are more different than ever before, the democrats leaning way to the left. I personally don’t understand how a Christian can vote for a party that approves of abortion, sexual positions that go against Biblical teachings, and socialism (which I normally associate with godlessness for good historical reason).
    Mr. Trump is indeed a sinner like all of us and I do not excuse his unpresidental tweets nor some of his insensitive comments. At the same time, he has done better than I thought he would. Lena makes a good point about not voting out of fear. I hope people don’t do that and that they vote for the candidate they best can do the job.
    God’s blessings…


    • Mannyr
      Sep 30, 2020 @ 17:52:28

      I agree but is it true President Trump is born-again? a group of prayer warriors i hang with have been praying for his not so sterling personality, and his impatience. He needs to please remember he represents his office and all Christians. my advice would be to remember the “peace” that only comes from our Lord Jesus. Stand in that and do not allow the flesh to enter.


      • Chris
        Oct 07, 2020 @ 00:01:10

        It’s a good question, Manny. I don’t know if Mr. Trump is a Christian or not. He has made statements that are conflicting. He is not afraid to hold up a Bible but sometimes I wonder if he understands the Gospel message in it. We just have to keep praying for him.


        • Mannyr
          Oct 24, 2020 @ 16:34:30

          i absolutely agree. One has to wonder with all the talk about Christian ministries flocking to the president. Why are there no deep seated roots. What has happened to B.A. Christians asking Donald Trump, (he is our President but he is also a man) “have you invited our Lord Jesus into your heart?” Are you “B.A. sir.” If so who is disciplining this new convert? I am sorry i have a tough time with the attitude that we see in the body of Christ. From so-called leaders. Lord Holy Spirit with all due respect “Get him (D.T.)


          • Chris
            Oct 27, 2020 @ 00:27:43

            I’m just guessing but I bet Mike Pence has been a witness to the president. I also know he has surrounded himself with people who would confuse him like Paula White. I guess we just keep praying for him. He is so much better than anything the democrats are “offering.”


  3. Mannyr
    Sep 01, 2020 @ 19:31:39

    As for me i see great improvements for many in ways that slam the scam of the past politics in our nation. Yes, at times he is a bit rude and crude. But he is born-again christian and we all are given grace to grow. I have always considered him as a true executive in so many ways. That is one of the qualifications for a president, one which i feel has been lacking in many elected to this office.
    Do we think any one man can be every thing we need in the office? Take his record in office, he gets things done.
    He has done things no one else would even attempt. Why? He does not need to be a thief–lets face it. Money talks –and the rest walk. The establishment hates him–because he is not there to shine their shoes. Please grow up Americans and think for yourselves. Their is no one running against him just a sad old man holding a place if he gets elected (Biden) for a radical liberal woman who has a sorted history of going along to get along. If he steps down she becomes president. Just what we need (sic).
    There is only one valid party that has always tried to be decent in regards to personal liberty. Know our history while we can make a righteous vote count.


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