Healing the Wounds of the Soul.

Unfortunately, a great amount of hurt comes to children in this world.  Children’s hearts are extremely vulnerable, and totally dependent on Mom and Dad, the two BIG PEOPLE in their lives.  Children view these parents almost as God, during their first two years of life.  God has built into our little hearts the understanding that our parents are there to take care of us.  We trust them completely, and depend on them for everything, while we are little.  Of course, when we get to about two years old, our flesh begins to rise up in its independence and rebellion, and we begin to want our own way.

None of us has ever had the privilege of being raised by perfect parents.  Not even Adam and Eve were able to be perfect parents.  One of their sons killed the other one (see Gen 4:8).  This was a dysfunctional family, as is every family on this earth, in varying degrees.  Some are only slightly dysfunctional, while other are severely so.  Beginning with Adam and Eve, each adult has his own set of problems, sins, hurt, fears, guilt, anger, etc.  Each adult adds a good bit more pressure to his life when he becomes a parent, and his life becomes even more complex and difficult to manage.  Because of all this, it becomes difficult to attend to all the responsibilities of parenting, and to do it in a godly, loving and correct way.  We end up hurting our children and/or neglecting to give our children the unconditional love and attention they need, even though we never intended to do these things.

Children are also hurt by the other people in their environment, which may include relatives: aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and even siblings.  In addition, there are neighbors, and those at school who may hurt them.  Many children go through their whole childhood feeling like they are in danger, living with fear, without any sense that there is a BIG PERSON who will take care of them adequately.  Just having this constant fear is a wounding thing, leaving their hearts very sensitive to any possible danger, and sometimes being paranoid about dangers, either physical or emotional.  This robs the person of the peace they should be having.  This causes them to pull back from relationships, so that as adults they are unwilling to enter into the kind of emotional intimacy that is needed for a happy marriage.  The damage to the soul can be great.

The kind of damage to the soul (our mind, will and emotions) that is mentioned above is a permanent thing, unless it is dealt with.  The Lord is willing to heal it, redeem it, transform it, and make us whole, but only as we seek Him out for His ministry to us, and cooperate with His healing process.  It is not automatic.  There is a good bit of what I would call “wishful thinking” in the Body of Christ, which would like to believe that when we are born again, we are made whole, automatically; that we are placed in God’s army, totally healed, and now we are supposed to press forward into the battle.

Our observation of Christians around us tells us that we are not made whole, automatically.  Scripture tells us the same thing, if we read it carefullyII Cor 5:17 tells us that “if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature (or creation); the old things passed away; behold, things have become new (or new things have come, NASB)”.  This could suggest that old ways of thinking, feeling, reacting have passed away.  But, have they?  Why do so many Christians continue in their sins for so long? II Cor 4:16 tells us that “our inner man is being renewed day by day”.  This shows us that it is a process.  Well, what about this sudden passing away of the old and the coming of the new, mentioned in II Cor 5:17?  Could it be that the very structure of our inner man is what has been made new?  We have been “re-wired for power”, the power of the Holy Spirit, because He has just come to live inside us.  We have been “equipped with God’s wiring”, in some way connected to the Holy Spirit, so that we can feel Him, sense His presence, hear Him direct our paths.  This is what is new.  Then, Rom 12:2 tells us that we are to “be transformed by the renewing of our minds”.  It is a process of the Holy Spirit showing us that our belief on this subject, or that, is ungodly and needs to be replaced by this new godly belief.  Eph 4:22-24 also speaks of our process of being renewed.

In Phil 3:12-14, we read that we are to “press on”; that we are to forget what lies behind and reach forward to what lies ahead; press on.  Many want to believe that “forgetting what lies behind” means to go forward without dealing with the things in our past that need to be dealt with; that we are to just forget about it.  God wants us to deal with these things, the ungodly inner vows, bitter root judgments, unforgiveness, and the anger we have carried toward another person.  He also wants us to be good stewards of our own person and receive healing for the wounds that we carry with us.  They cause us to limp or stagger in our faith or do other things which are not in the Spirit.  Many stagger under a disabling load of condemnation and/or self-condemnation.  Some want to be good Christians but are so afraid of God that they cannot draw near to Him.  In addition to getting our healing, He wants us to get rid of the demons that we have carried for so long.

Many Christians can sense that there is a hurt, or a fear, or something, deep down inside, but they don’t know what it is or where it came from.  This causes them to want to just forget about it, because they believe they would not be able to tell a “ministry person” what the problem is, and that would make them uncomfortable.  The wonderful truth is that Jesus knows.  He has every split second of our lives memorized.  He knows what you were wearing on your very first day of school.  Chances are that even your mother can’t remember that.  Jesus knows our hurts and fears intimately.  He knows all about the event or events that caused our wounds, and He knows exactly how to heal them.  These wounding events happened in our past.  In order to get the wounds healed, we need to revisit the past, just for a few moments, so that Jesus can come into that past event and heal us.

People have a real allergy to going anywhere where there might be some discomfort.  We generally do not want to go back to an uncomfortable scene.  We would prefer that Jesus would simply come in the night while we are sleeping and touch us with His magic wand and make it all better.  Jesus does not do it that way, for several reasons:

He knows that to change us that quickly would shock our system.

He wants us to learn to have patience with His process for our lives, healing and otherwise.  He wants us to trust Him.

He wants us to see precisely what He is doing while He heals us, so that we can understand what He has done.

He wants us to pay attention to how He does it, because He may want to use us to bring the same healing to others.

He wants us to understand it so that we can have fullness of gratitude in our hearts toward Him.

Jesus knows all the details of the healing He wants to bring, as well as the long-term effects it will have on our lives.  He knows that it will result in a more deeply intimate relationship with Him than anything we have ever known.  He knows that it will open up our hearts to the level of real vulnerability that is necessary for His love to flow through us in a truly abundant way towards others.  He has called us to love Him, and to love our neighbors as ourselves (Matthew 22:36-40).  Many wounded people have so encased their hearts with protective walls that they have trouble loving others, and they have trouble receiving love.  This also affects their relationship with God.  Because of this problem, many have trouble being open to God’s love, and they miss out on this precious part of the relationship that He has designed for us.  By the time we reach adulthood, we all need healing.  Let the Lord show this to you and open yourself up to His plan for your healing.  You will be blessed.

Wounds of rejection, fear, trauma, or worthlessness are very real.  If we could see our souls, and if they had physical properties, like a liver, we would see bleeding wounds and deep bruises on them.  These wounds are just as fresh as when they happened.  The world teaches us that “time heals all wounds”.  This is a lie from the “father of lies”, the devil.  The wounds never heal unless Jesus heals them.  Those who have wounds that Jesus has not healed will usually try to heal them through their own efforts.  Finding that this doesn’t work,  they usually resort to some form of trying to protect the wounds from being touched, so they will stop hurting.  People build walls around themselves, to protect their wounds, so they won’t get hurt.  People engage in activities and forms of conversation that are only on the surface, so nobody will get deep enough to touch their wounds.  Hurt is a part of nearly everybody’s life, because of these wounds.

Are you willing to trust the Holy Spirit?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Michele Brown
    Aug 23, 2018 @ 13:31:05

    My friend, this is excellent! I have printed it so that I can read it over and over. This has motivated me to have a conversation with my kids about the importance of them praying over their own situations, openly and honestly to God the Father. Only they know those inner hurts as you discussed… and it is imperative that they seek His healing.
    Thank you so much for always having a Rhema Word.


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