DeNero speaks from his troubled heart

DeNero De Nero speaks as emperor to his fellow hollowooders.  Mannyr

By Kathy Crest: It seems that those who have spoken out the loudest against President Trump, are the ones who have the most to hide. Robert De Niro has certainly voiced his opinion, and directed some choice words at Trump, and now it appears the joke is on him, as accusations are beginning to fly.
The predators are coming out of the woodwork, like cockroaches in the night. The main stream media has had no problem airing the dirty laundry of Hollywood elitists as long as their crimes are against women. But will they open up to the “real” problem in tinsel town, the crimes against young children.

Approximately four months ago, an international prostitution ring was broken up by police. Robert De Niro just happened to be listed as one of their clients. Six people were charged with running the ring, which is known for its involvement in providing under aged children to the rich and famous. Young girls are lured into these rings with promises of modeling careers, then oftentimes drugged and held against their will. The wealthy pay good money for their sick fetish, and also dish out plenty to keep it under wraps. The media did a good job of keeping this story out of the news.




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  1. Mannyr
    Jun 24, 2018 @ 04:52:10

    Deliberately missed spelled his name inferring his and many others who think more highly to be heard because they are movie stars. Like Emperor Nero who burned Rome these people never hear anyone say “Cut.” and just go off hoping for a new role.


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