Let’s talk about Mary worship.


I have decided to post my friend Efren’s comment to me in my recent post about Mary worship. I am answering his comments at the end.

Hey, I was glancing though WordPress and saw this post. I Figured I’d offer the true response regarding why Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, and really all most ancient rites of Christianity venerate Mary and answer the question regarding “Aren’t Statues a Form of Idolatry?”. Strangely, seems as though Protestants of the last 500 years don’t award the due respect Mary has deserved for being the ancient title Theotokos (God-Bearer) rather than Christotokos (Christ-Bearer).

Elizabeth called her the “mother of my Lord. ” The baby in Elizabeth’s womb, John the Baptist, leaped for joy at the sound of Mary. Mary even attested to the truth claim when she boldly declared “all generations shall call me blessed.”

Veneration of Mary is really an early practice in Christianity. Some Protestants typically like to point to the 5th century as any signs of the earliest honor or hint to Marian dogmas (Assumption, Ever Virgin, Immaculate Conception, God-Bearer) that pretty much all ancient rites of Christianity adhere too. When we look at the 2nd century, we see major Church Fathers that make comparisons to Eve and Mary and comparing Mary as the Ark of the Covenant. Profound statements when one examines what those figures really are. Even if it’s still 5th century, I’d take that as “ancient” compared to the 1500s when the Reformation happened.

As far as statue worship, people give honor to statues all the time. Presidents may bow at memorable sites to homage, show reverence or even as a sign of common courtesy in a country. As you note, the Bible male’s strong prohibitions regarding idolatry in the Old Testament However, the case regarding the Israelites and their disobedience getting bit by snakes; God instructed them to fashion an image and look to it for healing.

On the contrary, the people of Israel formed a golden calf and worshipped it as God which was a major form of idolatry. God even instructed the Israelites to store the commandments in the Ark to be decorated with golden images of angles (Ex 25:10-22). When Catholics or Orthodox make statues or icons, they’re honoring the saints in a special way. Just like we keep photos of dead loved ones or honor figures like Robert E. Lee, we cherish their memory.

I wrote about this some time ago in a post called Thoughts on Communion of the Saints I’d you’d like to know more it a here

What are your thoughts on all I’ve said? I’m open to hearing what you have to say!


In reply to Menny Thoughts.

Hi Efren, thanks for sharing about your concerns. As far as Mary worship it has a long history as you have said. I feel the supposed lack of respect for Mary is since the Bible places no exalted position other than she was chosen for the fulfilling of God’s will. I feel the true gist of her being chosen relates to her not seeking a high and lifted position which is proven out in the gospels. The fact that Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, venerate her is largely their own doings. The titles you mention are man-made concepts not what is written in the Word of God. She is blessed, like all saints who are and receive blessings.

Yes, statues are a form of idolatry; i must point out the glaring assumption that Mary is venerated as the Ark of the Covenant is pure assumption and tries to clothe her as something she is not. She is not holy in and as designated by R.C.C. She became a saint like all the rest of us, seeing Jesus as savior and Lord and asking for forgiveness. As far as church fathers that term is very shallow when speaking of the early Roman church fathers. God the only real Father used the Roman Church just like He used the Sanhedrin and the host of many unscrupulous people in the gospel accounts. The church of Rome has been used to preserve so many untruths, so people would have a belief system that has keep a true record for all to read and adhere to reference as to the longevity of the Word of God.

You speak of the Arc. What does it symbolize? God’s provision wrapped in the purity of God’s use of Gold of and acacia wood which speaks of Jesus’ dual natures. Mary has only one nature she was conceived in her mother’s womb in sin. Therefore, she had a sinful nature which needed redemption. Reformation is God’s reply to the stench of false doctrine’s and man-made religion. Brave men who love God with all their hearts and stood against the boy’s club of Rome. Reformers brought the truth and the means for the common man to read the blessed Word of God for one’s self. Who keep people ignorant for so many centuries?

The Golden Calf was formed by weak sinful men, who brought bull worship into the emerging and as yet unknown ways of Jehovah God. What happened when the Man of God showed up. The bull God took a direct hit from the Ten Commandments of God. They were given the way out from the plague of snakes because the Son of Man Jesus was being shown as the only one who could save man from a curse. Looking not worshiping, looking for redemption and receiving God’s grace. The Ten Commandments were not decorated with Golden images of angels. The two Cherubim were molded and put there to designate their actual place as guardians of God in heaven as He is most Holy.

Have you ever read the account of John 20:12 where it states, “And she saw two angels in white sitting one at the head and the other at the feet where the body of Jesus had laid.” Why were there two angels standing over the body of Jesus the God/Man? Short answer they were guarding God’s body in the New Testament just like they were shown guarding the Mercy seat in the Old Testament.

Thank You Efren, looking forward to your reply.


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