Mind Control: How Satan Dominates the Human Mind.

  Mind Control:  How Satan Dominates the Human Mind.

By Michael w. Smith (not the singer).

In II Cor. 4:4 the Word notes that “The God of this world (aion/age) has blinded the minds (noema/thoughts) of those that believe not (apistos/unbelievers).  I have been a counselor for decades.  Twenty-five of those years were spent as a secular counselor and since retiring in 2005, I have been a Christian counselor exclusively.  I frequently provide counseling services to mentally ill Christians.  Since retiring as a secular counselor, the Lord had to re-train my concept of how the brain operates and human psychology.  I had to see people and the profession from a spiritual perspective to understand the root cause of why people are in mental and emotional bondage.  I wrote a study guide on this subject called “Planos Spirits; The Root Cause and Cure of Mental Illness”   that can be obtained off this web site http://www.hardcorechristianity.com

Science explains that the mind is located inside the brain.  The brain is the hard drive and the mind is the software, so to speak.  Satan uses evil spirits and fallen angels to control humanity and his main target is the human mind.  If he gains control of the mind he can control the rest of the person.  The mind is the only thing in the world a human can control 100%.  The legendary heavyweight boxing champion, Joe Louis once said; “Kill the body and the head will fall.”

In Christianity, it is the opposite; “Kill the head and the body will fall.”  Satan uses two types of spirits (lying spirits and fear demons) to control people (saved or unsaved).  They almost always work in the same order; the lying spirit strikes first and the fear demon attacks second.

(1)  The lying spirit injects a thought (usually negative) into the mind from his hiding place in the unused portion of the brain (Mt. 9:32-33, 12:22).

(2)  The fear demon usually hides in the stomach or chest area and waits to see if the person will receive and believe the lie or negative thought.

(3)  If the person receives the thought, the fear spirit attacks the soul (creating negative emotions) or body (creating pain) which reinforces the lie as truth.

If the person takes the thought given to them captive, the fear demon will strike the soul or body first giving the person negative emotions, feelings or pain.  Once the person labels them, it becomes true to that person.  For example; a negative thought is emitted into the mind from the lying spirit in the brain such as “You will always be alone.  No one likes you.”  Once the person receives and believes the injected thought, the fear spirit attacks the soul and the person “feels” loneliness, fear, rejection, etc.  They are now in bondage.  If the fear demon strikes the soul first and causes the negative emotions to arise in the body, the person labels it “I feel so alone.”  “Everyone rejects me.”

They are now in bondage.  Jesus said “You will know the Truth and the Truth will make you free.  If the Son shall make you free, you shall be free indeed.”  Once the person learns thru discernment, to reject the lying emotions and thoughts, the spirits lose their power and can easily be cast out.  The person can be cured of mental illness and chronic negative thinking patterns.  This is the root of what I call an Obsessive Compulsive Negative Thought Disorder.

They must be mentally renewed (Eph. 4:23).  Only by receiving and believing truth can a person be loosed from the power of darkness (Lk.11:36).  I have seen the Holy Spirit heal a wide range of mentally ill patients including schizophrenia and severe bipolar.  I am one of only a handful of Christian counselors and ministers who have seen these type of mental illness miracles.  Understanding Satan’s methods of mind control is a major key to restoration.

 Repentance is the key (Acts 3:19).  You can be free of Satan’s destructive control of your mind if you repent of receiving negative thoughts and emotions as your own, go through deliverance and re-new your mind on the Word of God (Eph. 4:23, I Cor. 2:16, II Cor. 10:4-5, Phil. 2:5, I Pet. 1:13, 4:1).


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