Over the Top: child sex trafficking.

The Real Criminals in Child Abuse and Sex Trafficking do not Want this Information Public.


Tammi Stefano is the Executive Director of The National Safe Child Coalition (NSCC). At one point during the interview she related how her child advocacy campaigns have resulted in death threats from angry foster parents. She also stated that her website has been hacked, and that her phone has been tapped “numerous times.”

As Stefano stated:

“What we are finding now is this trafficking is a lot bigger, and a lot more involved politically than we care to look at, or the media won’t cover. Everybody is afraid because there are some really big heavy hitters that are very influential that are involved.”

We need some real change in our nation, only one person can bring it —-guess who.

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  1. Chris
    Oct 06, 2016 @ 23:19:36

    I have seen Ms. Stefano before and I appreciate the work that she is doing.

    I think I an living in the twilight zone sometimes. I just got home from substitute teaching at a school where children aren’t allowed to swear and are expected to be respectful. It is pretty much like this in each of the 8 schools in the county where I live.

    Then they go home to who knows what. At the least, the majority are exposed to violence and sex like never before in all types of media. And then there are the major horror stories like Ms. Stefano is telling. I don’t think anyone really knows the extent of the problem but I do think the seriousness of the problem depends on where you are living.

    I taught parenting classes to parents who were court ordered by the CPS (It’s the DHS in Arkansas) to do so, and I also monitored visitations. I understand that I was in a very unique situation because a local judge allowed the Christian organization I was working with to do these important things because the “non-profit” had a very good reputation.

    I worked there for five years (ending my ministry there only three years ago) and I worked among lawyers and CPS personal. The biggest problem that I experienced was the caseloads for which CPS workers were responsible. I don’t think there was any way one case worker could adequately handle the number of cases given them. There was quite a turnover in CPS staffing just while I was there.

    Of all of the parents I taught, I am only convinced of one case where the judge was making a mistake in the “She said” – “He said” case. Because people have become great liars in our day (I deal with this a lot with kids) I’m sure I wasn’t aware of many lies told to me. I wondered about more than one case for sure.

    I was responsible for attending court in the case I am referring to and the experience only reinforced my thinking that the system had gotten an important decision very wrong.

    It was my opinion throughout that the wrong parent had gotten custody of the child.

    So much for my experience. I do know a young Christian lady who is fighting “trafficking” in my area. It is not a widespread problem here as far as I’m aware, but even one case is tragic.

    I grew up in California during a wonderful time in American History, at least in my experience. My wife and I moved to Arkansas from California before our children started school. There are wonderful people in California but there are also huge problems there that didn’t exist when I was growing up. We left for a number of reasons, one of them was the public school system that seemed to be disintegrating 20 years ago.

    Because of horrible CPS systems in much of Europe, I am reading a very educational book that deals with what has happened to psychology in America in the past several decades. It is quite eye-opening and speaks to the issue of the efficiency of psychologists who have a great deal of power in our society in important situations.

    Here is a pdf to part of the book for anyone who wishes to check it out:

    Click to access dawes1994.pdf

    Things are so bad in parts of Europe that some social scientists there think that most biological parents are not good enough to raise their own children. I have also found that due process is not allowed in cases there where it is in America.

    The problems of proper childcare are worldwide. I also think, like you Manny, that there is only One who can solve our problems. Unfortunately, most seem to be running from instead of to Him.

    I never heard the term “sexual predator” when I was growing up. Evil in this form was happening, I’m sure, but the only question is: “What factor has the number of victims increased?”

    We have homosexuals parading in our streets and I’ve seen little kids parading with them in their underwear. How anyone can see that and not feel some pain is beyond me. Is it any surprise that we have problems like the ones mentioned in this video?


  2. Mannyr
    Oct 07, 2016 @ 17:47:50

    Thanks for responding with great insight. On the level of Ms. Stehano it seems there are so many people trying to help but they seem to be held back from tying into realy significant like minded groups. The ever present pessimism is overwhelming and so many state run organizations are sadly understaffed. As we are here in Arizona.
    I D/L the book i have seen this book before but read a little and quit do to a lack of trust in their procedures. Today I have read parts of it and would agree with the title of the book.
    My conclusion is the whole country is sick from top to bottom. We are a nation who’s leaders are sick, very sick. In the spiritual realm we are people under sick leaders as such, how can we as a nation rise above the level of their disgusting lifestyles? We cannot except through our indivual lives given to our Lord and His direction.


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