More on water and its memory

Undressing water may lead to cures for many diseases. Now theres a thought!

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  1. Chris
    Sep 01, 2016 @ 18:21:31

    Sorry…I only watched the first and last few minutes, Manny. I don’t think I missed much, though.

    It is just my opinion but I think these men would have used there time more wisely researching this concept:

    “He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, ‘From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.’” John 7:38

    I have spent over 30 years studying the ramifications of this statement by Jesus Christ. I know that I have only scratched this unfathomable itch a bit. I have to review the tiny bit that I have learned. There are so many mysteries but it is wonderful to understand, to the degree that I am able, what Christ did for me on that cross and through His resurrection. The basic gospel message is so simple even a child can understand it. At the same time, scholars have spent years studying this message from a myriad of angles.

    I am so thankful for water. Compared to other places in the world, the cost to us in the West is minimal. I have heard some say that someday it might be a “hot commodity.” Unless someone is interested in a very unpopular view of water, I don’t think they need to watch this video. I think everyone needs to read John 7:38 and ask God for understanding as to how it applies to their lives.


  2. Mannyr
    Sep 01, 2016 @ 18:41:28

    I take it you are refering to John 7:38; Isaiah 44:3, and John 4:14. In which i totally believe and have had the pleasure of experiencing for myself. Awesome promises from our Lord.
    It is true men should find some other areas to investagate. These folks are claiming their discoveries may lead to cures for many brain disorders– it sure would be nice it would come to pass.


    • Chris
      Sep 03, 2016 @ 23:14:23

      It sure would. This man has been studying this for some time and still doesn’t have a brain disorder according to his doctors (I don’t know this for sure but they aren’t trying to stop him from publicizing his theory). Maybe he would find his answer more quickly if he focused on something else once in a while. Joining the adult coloring book fad might do it.


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