Murdered In Orlando Were Americans Not a Sexual Preference

Murdered In Orlando Were Americans Not a Sexual Preference

by Mychal Massie on June 16, 2016 in Daily RantEducationFaith & FamilyIslamic TerrorismPoliticsRace & Politics

I said early Sunday morning that it would happen, and it took only a few hours for me to be proven correct. I’m speaking about the narrative being pushed pursuant to the mass murders at the nightclub in Orlando, Florida, perpetrated by another member of the so-called peaceful religion of Islam. The narrative is being pushed by the Obama white House and its sycophant mainstream media, but I digress.

I am specifically talking about the draping of the American flag in the colors of the homosexual rainbow. I stressed the point on the day of the shootings and I stress it here. This was not an attack on homosexuals; it was an attack on

Regardless of my unapologetic condemnation of the act of homosexuality and of the behavior by many who practice same, I stand not just beside, but in front of the families and friends of those who were innocently slaughtered. Not because they were homosexuals, but because they were Americans.

I take no delight in seeing my fellow Americans ruthlessly murdered by a scab of humanity. That said, the colors of the American Flag are, Red, White, and Blue. Americans died for the honor that is bestowed upon and expected in recognition of the most pronounced symbols of freedom in our Nation. And I view it as an affront to the Founding Fathers, the early patriots, and all those who served and who died to make our Flag the symbol that it is when it is altered to fit a political view.

We didn’t change the colors of the Flag after 9-11; we didn’t change the colors after San Bernardino, Fort Hood, Boston, ad nauseum. America isn’t a homosexual nation. America is a nation of Americans and the Flag of America reflects that. Changing the colors to those of a rainbow in recognition of a sexual preference is wrong on every quantifiable level.

I contend that it is wrong to assail and find pleasure in the murder of the patrons at the Pulse Nightclub. Rejoicing in the misfortune of those who have slighted and/or offended us, is not condoned by scripture. As a matter of fact, scripture tells us not to do rejoice when that happens.

In Ezekiel 18:23 the prophet quotes the Lord: “Have I pleasure at all that the wicked should die? saith the Lord God: and not that he should return from his ways, and live?” (KJV) In 1 Timothy 2:1-7, the Apostle Paul makes clear that “[Christ] gave Himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time.” (KJV)

Proverbs 24:17 states: “Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he stumbleth.” (KJV)

Despite the evil of the sin of homosexuality that is being forced upon the nation today by so-called leaders, it is the act of homosexuality and the behavior that is not acceptable before God; not their person (apostasy and blasphemy notwithstanding). With that thought clearly in mind we mourn the loss of these Americans as Americans and not a sexual preference.

Draping the American Flag in the colors of a group comprised of a sexual preference is dishonorable to all, the group itself included.

This is America and we must be proud to be Americans, not proud to be a sexual preference. My heart mourns on several levels for families of those who were murdered. But this act of terrorism dictates that we come together as a nation of Americans not as a sexual preference.

Those who served and gave their lives for America to be free did so to preserve a nation and society that permitted honest disagreement. They did it to preserve a societal climate where honest disagreement pursuant to choice of behavior and theological understanding could co-exist.

But changing our American flag isn’t about the aforementioned; it is about the transmogrification of America into something it is not.





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  1. Chris
    Jul 05, 2016 @ 01:08:15

    People use these violent events to fit whatever political agenda they have. Not all do it, but many do. This article clearly states that homosexuality is wrong as does the Bible.

    When these shootings, bombings, etc, occur, my first question is usually: “Was it an act of terrorism?” Sometimes we never get a clear answer. Other than that, I’m always saddened by the senseless loss of death.

    This is how patriotic people view such events and it is a good way to frame these events. The article is one that will join instead of divide people except for the clear Biblical statement about homosexuality.

    Thanks for sharing, Manny.

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Independence Day in 2016!


  2. Mannyr
    Jul 05, 2016 @ 18:54:31

    Always glad to hear from you Chris. Yes to me the people in the white house have no right to change our flag to suit their preference, as stated too many have given their lives as well all who have given limbs to honor our nation as Americans.

    I think we all as Americans stand together to serve and protect our nation as well as all Americans.


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