Wake up call, do you have a pulse, or are you D.O.A?

It is past time for Christians to Wake Up! Since this is my blog I will tell you that it is past time for Christians to look for some white knight to show up. There have been many who see Trump as “Cyrus the wrecking ball of God.” I believe he is just that.  Far too many want some supposed white night who espouses all the issues they feel are important.  Remember what happened when Israel contap_49001613144_350x219inuingly turned its back on God. It does not take a much to determine this country has constantly done the same.

I believe God has planned for Trump to win, however this nation and quite a few card carrying Christians want to do otherwise.

It is time for those Republicans and conservatives who say they will
never vote for Trump to come clean and to look in the mirror and repeat this

I’m OK with Hillary Clinton appointing three or four Supreme Court Justices.

I’m OK with Hillary Clinton appointing hundreds of Federal Court Judges.

I’m OK with Hillary Clinton stripping me of my Second Amendment rights.

I’m OK with Hillary Clinton using the power of the IRS and other federal
agencies to terminate my First Amendment rights and the First Amendment
rights of other Conservatives.ap745865692356_300x188hillary-at-aipac_300x188

I’m OK with Hillary Clinton expanding Obama’s open borders and unlimited immigration policies. And, I’m OK with the Hillary Clinton deciding the outer limits of my freedom of
conscience and whether or not I can worship God and raise my children as
my conscience dictates.

I say to anyone who claims to be
a never Trump conservative, look in the mirror and read that list, and
if this is you, then be honest and admit that you prefer Hillary Clinton
in the White House and why. Then drop the charade and have the guts to
defend your choice to advance Hillary Clinton’s campaign and take
ownership of the destruction of liberty and constitutional government
that her election will surely bring.

Note to all God fearing Christians who have copped an attitude of “Oh well, I just won’t vote.” Or we can form a third party. Soreheads anonymous.

You are electing Biliary by not voting. Wake up America, especially Christians!


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  1. Chris
    Jun 14, 2016 @ 01:05:25

    Good work here, Manny.

    We will both be voting for the same person. I knew that before we came here. Well, I wasn’t sure who you would vote for but I know you well enough that I know you have wisdom. Trump is very hard to vote for. Hillary is impossible to vote for. That is my assessment in short.

    I sure hope you are correct about the outcome. I have to admit that I have thought for quite some time now that Hillary will win. I don’t see how a country that has voted for our current president has the wisdom to do the best thing. Those who haven’t liked Mr. Obama will still vote for Hillary in spite of his endorsement. You may slap me upside the head, Manny. But, I have thought this for quite some time and I hope to be VERY WRONG.


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