Love the size of a chocolate heart, and an arrow in the seat of affection.


Why no smile Val?

Why no smile Val?

The origin of Valentine’s day has a really deep connection with romanticism and love. Is the day in which the lovers show their feelings to the person they love, sadly on these modern times it has become like most of the holidays, something materialistic and commercial?

The origin of Valentine’s day goes all the way back to the days of the Roman Empire, when Emperor Claudius II was the ruler. In an attempt to have more soldiers for his army, he tried to recruit every man possible, but when he saw that the men refused to leave their wives and family, he decided that all marriages should be forbidden.

But there was a priest who was loved in Rome by everyone, who thought it was unfair for young lovers not get married and share their life with the person they love. The name of the priest was Valentine, and he started to marry couples in secret. When Claudius II found out about the secret marriages, was furious and ordered that Valentine should be put in jail, where he spent the rest of his life. When he died his friends recovered his body and buried it on a churchyard in Rome.

One more version says that Valentine used to help everyone, even Christians, this was forbidden by the Emperor, who put him in jail. While he was prisoner, Valentine felt in love with one of the jailer’s daughter, and every day he used to send her love notes signed: “From Your Valentine”. Sadly, one day the Emperor ordered that he should be beaten up with cubs to death, it is believed that he died on February 14th, and to honor him, Pope Gladius set aside this date. But the King Henry VIII declared the day officially a holiday on 1537.

As time passed by Valentine became a Saint for all the lovers, and people around the world started to celebrate love during this day. Also some people believed that the first person of the opposite sex who one met the morning on February 14th, would be that person’s Valentine.

We talked about why it is celebrated love in this day, but let me tell you now the origin of Valentine’s day letters and poems: Supposedly the tradition of send poems on Valentine’s day started thanks to a Frenchman, Charles Duke of Orleans around 1415, who was made prisoner during the Battle of Agincourt.

For various years he sent poems or as we know them now “Valentines” to his wife back in France. The first commercial Valentine card appeared in 1800, they started just with poems, but later some art was added to give it some more romanticism.

Some Valentine’s day facts are that is the second most important holiday in the U.S.A and other countries, being the most important Christmas, and that is celebrated in just a handful of countries, but I bet there are some interesting things you did not know about this holiday. Next it’s a compilation of the most interesting and:


Who Me? Nah.

Who Me? Nah.

  • In Roman Mythology Cupid it’s the son of Venus, Goddess of love, in Greek mythology is better known as Eros and his mother its Aphrodite.
  • Cupid is known as a mischievous child with wings, whose arrows would pierce the hearts of his victims, making them fall in love.
  • The significance of Cupid shooting his arrows it’s that love always manifest like a spell, and when Cupid appears blindfolded it is because always love its blind.
  • The first drawing of Cupid on one of the “Valentine cards” was made on the fifteenth century. It showed a knight and a lady with Cupid sending an arrow to the knight’s heart.
  • Cupid has no relation whatsoever with the life of St. Valentine, and its used only as a symbol because he is the God of Love.


  • The first box of chocolates made specially for Valentine’s day was produced by Richard Cadbury in the 1800’s.
  • In the U.S.A. 15 % of women send themselves flowers on this day.
  • Red roses are related to love because the color red stands for romantic strong feelings.
  • The best Valentine gift ever give its the Taj Mahal in India, which was built in the memory of the Mughal Emperor Shahjahan’s wife.
  • In wales, spoons were made out of wood, and given on Valentine’s day. The favorite decorations were hearts, key holes and keys, which meant: “You unlock my heart”.


  • The heart its the most common symbol of this holiday, because it was believed that the soul lived inside of it.
  • The only countries that celebrate Valentine’s Day are: U.S., Mexico, Canada, Australia, UK and France.
  • People believed that if you signed your Valentine letter with other than the line “From your Valentine”, you would have bad luck for the whole year.
  • The x became a synonymous of kiss, because during the medieval time, when people could not write even their name, they used to put an X, then kissed it to prove they were honest.
  • The women on the old days believed that if they saw a Robin flying on this day, they would marry a sailor, if they saw a Sparrow, they would marry a poor man, but would be happy, and if Goldfinch was what they saw, they would marry a rich man.

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