by Pastor Cary Gordon

posted on September 11th, 2015 at 8:22 PM50bff831-8e40-40cb-95a4-1d46d84661e3

“This case,” the judge wrote, “will proceed under Ecclesiastical Islamic Law.” So said Circuit Judge Richard Nielsen of Tampa, Florida, in March of 2011.[i] A re-read of the classical Roman poet’s (Publius Vergilius Maro) Latin epic, “The Aeneid,” which describes the legendary tale of the “Trojan Horse,” is in order!

Ongoing attempts within this free nation to systematically introduce Islamic “Kadhis Courts” (which is the Islamic pre-cursor to Sharia Law), under the guise of “religious freedom,” threatens the American justice system and, as a result, all American liberties. Make no mistake! Kadhis Courts and Sharia Law are wholly incompatible with the American system of constitutional government, because the Islamic system is antagonistic to biblical law, upon which our legal system was thankfully constructed.

Religious freedom, as it was understood in the founding era, proposed the public expectation that citizens should politely tolerate incoming divergent cultures and religions, with the caveats that such incoming religions could NOT be tolerated in the event their tenets threatened the bodily health or general liberty of any other American citizen.[ii] Kadhis Courts and Sharia Law in the United States threaten both…violent Jihadists notwithstanding.

Make no mistake here! (Read slowly if necessary.) America’s immigrant Muslim population should be KINDLY tolerated and POLITELY extended the freedoms to which they are entitled, but they must be restricted from the covert usurpation of American Constitutional Law, just as aggressively as others are restricted from overt acts of physical terrorism! At present, examples of all three characters on the American political stage (whether they be libertarians,[iii] conservatives,[iv] or liberals[v]) have shown signs of irrational conformity to this game of Islamic legal and political exploitation, right along with Judge Neilson. Hence, I christen them the “Three Stooges of Polity” by this writing of mine. And may Neilson’s friendly treatment of Islamic ecclesiastical law serve as exhibit-A for justification of this title!

A dire warning is immediately necessary for all Americans! The orthodox Muslim will not cease to take advantage of the obvious intellectual flaws of secularist “pseudo-logic” which so recklessly pretends to re-define “religious freedom”, ex post facto, with little or no regard for the original context of our laws – laws that, once upon a time, were safely anchored to the Constitution’s well-documented and understood original intentions.

Our new-fangled political correctness, that, for example, reduces otherwise intelligent young people into mindless widgets, foolish enough to believe they make any sense at all as they sanctimoniously declare, “It is BAD to define bad, and BAD to define good; but it is GOOD to not define them! So… just…be TOLERANT, because that is GOOD, therefore, intolerance is BAD!”

This mind-numbing aberrant nonsense is apparently no longer in the exclusive possession of confused young college students (freshly ruined by your local neighborhood professor sporting a hair-cut only slightly less offensive than his curriculum), but now, this “thinking” finds a home between the ears of some in our judicial, legislative and executive branches.

While Texas Governor Rick Perry, a current 2016 presidential candidate, laid the first ceremonial brick for the Ismaili Muslim worship center in Plano, Texas[vi] (a Texan reincarnation of George W. Bush’s “Islam is a religion of peace” propaganda from politically-correct nostalgia, no?), our current low in American jurisprudence continues to provide the perfect opportunity for orthodox Muslims to launch their non-violent strategy to conquer America in strict obedience to the sixth pillar of Islam. (That pesky sacred tenet which requires legal and political takeover of all “infidel” governments!)

I would be remiss at this juncture, if I did not remind our ubiquitous three-stooges of polity, that any attempt to discredit the truth of this “screed” of mine, will be immediately brushed-off by any level-headed student of history. Why? Because besides his 2011 ruling, this “more patient strategy of Islam-o-fascism” has been implemented, ad nauseam, in many other nations across the globe, prior to the BIRTH of Judge Richard Nielsen!

To my antagonists, I further declare, with Shakespearean intensity: “GO TO…AND LEARN OF KENYA AND OF FRANCE!” (Need something older, and more aggressive for your curious intellect? Look-up the words “Barbary Wars!”) In short, the Sixth Pillar of Islam – the command to conquer the world – and its impact on history, is NOTHING NEW!

After a good fresh review of history, a sound mind will conclude that the only difference between a “moderate Muslim” and a “radical Muslim”…is patience, for they both seek the same thing: political, legal and cultural dominion.

What is an American to do?

Here is my conclusion: Based upon the prudent originalist definition of “religious liberty”, the orthodox Muslim should not be allowed to practice his religion on American soil, unless and until he is willing to officially denounce that entire sacred portion of his Sixth Pillar, plainly written in his Koran.[vii] Whether by methods of patience (think: organic cultural and legal subterfuge), or by methods of impatience (think: explosive belt-pack in a shopping mall), this particular portion of his dogma threatens the liberty of American citizens. Public officials and/or candidates who stupidly assist the mainstreaming of this dangerous ideology should be vomited out of our political system, post-haste.

For those politicos who may be reading this, I address you in the first-person: “The safety and freedoms of American lives is NOT the place for your wicked addiction to doublespeak! You are dolts of perfidy![viii] Repent to God and apologize to the citizens forced to pay your unmerited salaries!”

Are “moderate” Muslims willing to clearly and publicly assuage the warranted fears of Americans with such an empathetic act? More importantly, would such a denunciation be trustworthy? The answers to these serious and reasonable questions are crucial. Mr. Don Boys, Ph.D., does not believe so. He states, “Mohammed gave Muslims permission to lie if the lie supports Jihad, espionage, or to keep peace among the women in his harem…Every Muslim on earth has the obligation to fight in holy wars in promoting Islam and even to do it with the right attitude! If he does his duty but with some reservations or reluctance, he will die with the qualities of a hypocrite! So, they must fight with gusto or suffer in Paradise.”[ix]

Wake-up, my friends! Or as they say, “Get a clue!” There are curious knocks upon our gates from those who come in the name of friendship, bearing a large, horse-shaped “gift.” Governor Rick Perry and his fellow Texans should never forget the Alamo, but Americans must never forget the fate of Troy!


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