Stony Hearts

Hearts of Stone

Word Study

 Heart: Kardia. The heart, the chief organ of physical life. {“for the life of the flesh is in the blood” Lev 17:11). By and easy transition the word came to stand for man’s entire mental and moral activity, both the rational and the emotional elements. In other words, the heart is used figuratively for the hidden springs of the personal life.

“The bible describes human depravity as in the ‘Heart,’ because sin is a principle which has its seat in the center of man’s inward life, and ‘Defiles’ the whole circuit of his action.

Matt 15:19,20 On the other hand Scripture points to the heart as

the sphere of Divine influence, Rom 2:15 Acts 15:8,9. …The heart, as lying deep within, contains ‘The hidden man’ 1 Pet 3:4 the real man. It represents the true character but conceals it”.

 Hardened, hardness of heart: Poroses. A hardening, a covering with a Poros, a kind of stone, indicating a process- used metaphorically of dulled spiritual perception, (perception comes through yieldness) spiritual blindness, and hardness. Rom 11:25, Eph. 4:18 verse 19 ‘being past feeling’hardheart 03

Matt 19:8, Mark 10:5, Mark 16:14. Warning to obey, Rev 2:23. Can we walk in and or receive our Lords love with a hardened heart?

Humanity: Human. The best qualities of human beings- kind, tender, merciful, sympathetic, considerate, patient, gentle, loving and forgiving. Our Lord Jesus is the only true human being in all the fullness of being human as defined by God the Father.

Truth, in the context of John 4:24. “God is Spirit and they that worship Him

must worship Him in spirit and truth “…. Definition: ” The ability of heart and mind to interpret meanings and cherish others intents.” Spirit to spirit without truth causes a relationship to flow like a bank-less river in the desert —soon gone (Must have boundaries).

Truth alone is only mind to mind –and barren. Neither without the other can produce or sustain fellowship. Both spirit and truth together spark and enhance into blessed fellowship.

Remedy. Only the fire of love can melt a heart of stone.

The warmer the love given, the meaner the response. Fear of vulnerability creates hate. Each stony heart has a life of its own. It sings lies into the mind. “You know what happened the last time you risked yourself.” “You don’t want to get hurt again.” The lie is that it’s better to be alone and dying. So, the person we are trying to love to life strikes back.

The love of God is made manifest in Jesus, whose walk of love on earth culminates in crucifixion in love for humanity. It is when a heart suffers unjustly while loving the attacker that love turns to fire.



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  1. As He Is So Are We
    Nov 03, 2015 @ 21:22:27

    It’s a lovely thing know that God has given us a new heart and a new spirit. How could He possibly command us to love Him with out heart if it’s wicked? We are new creations now! 🙂


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