Why Intelligent Design should be Okay to Teach in Public Schools

Tracey Nelson, M.Ed.©

July 31, 2015

In 2005, a Dover, Pennsylvania court ruled that Intelligent Design could not be taught in public schools along side the Theory of Evolution simply because we have a constitution that says the U.S. Government cannot promote a particular religious point of view. Never mind whether that point of view is the truth or not. It just can’t be taught, regardless.


Are people really SO blind that they would rather have their children continue to be taught a lie above the truth simply because it isn’t politically correct? LUDICROUS. So, Intelligent Design, a fact that has more scientific support than the Theory of Evolution, is not allowed to be taught simply on that basis. (Of course, we all know that any teacher can get around that by having students do reports on controversial court cases involving science and presenting that as the argument he/she wants students to study. I was able to do that while simultaneously teaching about our constitution and religious freedom. But not every teacher is smart enough or brave enough to do so.)

But, I think it is important for all Americans to take a closer look at how that court decision has hurt our students. It has brought about state-sponsored censorship. Remember book burning? This isn’t the former Soviet Union or Hitler’s Nazi Regime. This is the United States of American. And as such it cannot limit the freedoms of Americans by restricting their access to knowledge or alternative points of view.

Intelligent Design is not spurious. It is a viable alternative which provides scientific and mathematical proof in its favor. It interferes with the idea that is the very foundation of evolution; that life arose from nothing by chance. That idea has finally been completely debunked by math and science. So, the only alternative left is Intelligent Design.

One cannot say that the United States Government would have to promote a religion by allowing it to be taught because no one is giving a name to who that intelligence created us is, be he/she/it alien or some other god besides the Christian god, but the fact is, the discussion is finally over. Life in the universe could never have arisen by chance.

Unfortunately, if you don’t hire a lawyer who is capable of arguing such a case, you will lose. The issues at stake are as follows:

  • Truth is not allowed to be taught to school children simply because it is politically incorrect (i.e., it may have a possible attachment to a god or intelligence)? So, what is the alternative? To teach our children a lie?
  • Does that mean science has no interest in the truth, only the atheistic version of truth? Isn’t that the same thing as a state-sponsored religious viewpoint? Ah ha! Why doesn’t someone sue the state for forcing their children to follow its state-sponsored religion when another alternative exists?

Every lawyer knows that going to court is never about arriving at the truth, but its about who has the best lawyer. I hate to sound arrogant, but when truth is on your side, it sort of sounds like you are.

Someone knows a really gifted lawyer who can get a hold of these two thoughts in order to arrive at a way to defeat the errors being taught to our children. One way to do so is to present how the US Government has been forcing public children to swallow an unproven, religious point of view of atheists. We need lawyers who can fight for truth, no matter what package it comes in. Truth is truth, period.

I found this to be a well said post. What do you think?

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chris
    Oct 13, 2015 @ 01:09:58

    Hi Manny.

    Sorry long time, no comment. Thanks for the kind comment you left that it had been too long since I’ve put a post up. I’ve been busy with work and family but I have been keeping my eyes on world events and items with prophetic implications seem to be in the news daily.

    In December of 1981 a trial began at the Federal District Court in Little Rock, Arkansas. In the spring of the same year, the Arkansas state legislature has passed Act 590, a bill requiring “balanced treatment of creation-science and evolution in public school.” The ACLU filed suit, challenging the constitutionality of the Act.

    Over 60 media representatives showed up for the trial. The ACLU had over 50 lawyers and paralegals working on the case. The Arkansas Attorney General’s office was able to muster up three attorney’s for the case.

    One of the creationist scientists who took the stand at the trial was Dr. Robert Gentry (my favorite creationist). He explained a discovery that he had mostly made that gave scientific evidence that the earth was created instantaneously and that such evidence pointed to a creator (He is a Christian.). Dr. Gentry knew that his position at this trial would hurt his “credibility” as a scientist and would certainly effect a career in science that he was in its infancy. Yet, he followed the truth of science where it led him and his discovery remains solid today. It was called a “tiny mystery” at the trial.

    On January 5, 1982, Act 590 was overturned by the court. Evolution won the day and evidences for a creator would be kept out of the classroom.

    For anyone more interested in this story, it can be found in Dr. Gentry’s book “Creation’s Tiny Mystery.”

    Interestingly, I read a story at One-News-Now just today that deals with a survey on this topic. “The Lifeway survey found that an overwhelming majority of Americans (72 percent overall) agree with the following statement: ‘Since the universe has organization, I think there is a creator who designed it.’”


    Guys like Richard Dawkins are bewildered with survey’s like this. And they are many. This subject is just another case of the “intellectual” minority controlling the masses. Evolutionists have done a terrible job convincing even non-Christians with all of their so-called evidences. In the end, both views of origins require faith and I think most people know that.

    Hmm…doesn’t that make evolution a religion?

    God’s blessings….


  2. Mannyr
    Oct 15, 2015 @ 01:13:59

    Hi Chris, it’s good to hear from you. Yes, far to many things we believe in turn out this way in our liberal secular country. The topic of religion gets my blood boiling. So many religion’s and traditions of men.


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