Honest Worship

What matters in worship is the attitude of heart and mind. True worship is not mere form (three songs and sit) and ceremony but spiritual reality, which is in harmony with the nature of God, who is Spirit. Worship must also be in truth, that is transparent, sincere, and according to Biblical mandates.    worship

Truth, aletheia, Strong’s # 225: Aletheia is the opposite of fictious, fiegned, or false. Its qualities are veracity, reality, sincerity, integrity, truthfulness, dependability, propriety.

It is the believr’s responsibility to discover how the Lord wants to be worshiped and to explore and cultivate a relationship with Him out of which sincere, Holy Spirit enabled worship will flow. Active sin will stifle the flow in corporate worship, a hold will be encountered that does not allow a free flow of worship.

Jesus instructs it; worship in : “spirit”—that is, alive through new birth (John 1:12, 13; 3:6, 7) and aglow with Holy Spirit enablement (1 Cor. 14:15). This is not mechanical, rote, or merly human activity but dynamically capacitated Biblical integrity joined to personal honesty, manifest in a heart of sincerity, a humble manner of transparency, and a relational integrity.

Meaning and being what we say, as well as being spiritually energized in our worship, opens the way to that worship the Father seeks.

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