O Lord Correct Me, but with Justice…

O Lord correct me, but with justice; not in Your anger, lest You bring me to nothing. Jeremiah 10:24 NKJV.jeremiah10_24

Correct, yasar, Strong’s # 3256—to chasten, correct, instruct; to reform someone. This verb refers to the discipline and correction necessary to moral training.

As a new recruit back in the stone age Marine Corp boot camp (1964-1968). There were several recruits who refused instruction and were sent to the “motivation platoon” a platoon (group of guys) whose purpose was to bring discipline and correction by manual labor.

These fellas were given a sixteen pound sledge hammer made of steel. They ran in formation out to a pile of huge boulders facing the Pacific Ocean. They spent eight hours a day breaking boulders, for a month. Some grasped the concept quickly and others stayed a while longer. They all returned with rock hard bodies that would shame “Planet Fitness,” and amazingly very “Gung Ho.”

Moses told Israel in Deut. 8:5, that “as a man chastens his son, so the Lord your God chastens you.” Some individuals cannot be corrected by words alone (Proverbs 29:19) like above.

Yasar may involve tough measures, as with whips (1 Kings 12:11) —- oh my gosh a whole row of liberals just past out! Or, a teaching technique by itself, as in the case of a musical director who instructed the Levitical musicians (1 Chronicles 15:22).

From yasar is derived the noun musar, “Instruction.”


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