3. Obed-Edom: Available on Short Notice

Read this and enjoyed the depth of perception. Enjoy!

It was not just another day on the farm.  Obed-Edom and his family had watched with fascination as King David prepared with unprecedented care to bring the Ark of the Covenant up from Kiriath-jearim to Jerusalem.

It had been deposited in this small town to the west of Jerusalem when the Philistines were trying to get rid of their plagues, caused by having this illicit trophy of war in their midst.

After suffering decades of benign neglect, it was suddenly to be the centerpiece of David’s new administration in Jerusalem.  The highway ran by their farm, and other than the essential chores, everyone was on standby to watch the parade of Israel’s dignitaries come by.

In addition, their musical king had done an amazing new thing which was to conduct a talent search in Israel for musicians.  As a result, there was going to be a band and choir executing with…

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