Judaism Revelation of Moses, or Religion of Men?

I have just finished reading this eye-opening book. I will re-read it again during our dog-days of summer in Arizona. I would like to suggest it as a very interesting book revealing the Religion of Men. I am including a book review.

A Book Review.
Judaism Revelation of Moses, or Religion of Men? judaism revof moses
Author: Philip Neal
About This Book
There are many books on Judaism most of which fall into one of three categories. First, there are those written by rabbis and Jewish scholars designed to educate the non-Jewish public. They enthusiastically portray Judaism as a wonderful religion, always connecting it to the Old Testament. The inexperienced reader is led to believe that Judaism is indeed the legitimate continuation of the religion of Moses and the prophets. The fact that the Talmud is held as superior to the Scriptures is hidden or understated.

Second, there are numerous books on Judaism written by well-intended Christian authors. Unfortunately, these books typically whitewash the entire subject, leaving the reader to erroneously conclude that Judaism is in fact based on the Old Testament and that Judaism is, of all things, the precursor to Christianity. Touting the virtues of the mythical Judeo-Christian brotherhood, the key flaws and aberrations of Judaism are overlooked. After all, from their perspective, if Jews would only accept Jesus, they would be almost … Christian.

Third, there are a few books (also written by Christians ) that deal unnecessarily harsh with Judaism. While they are not anti-Semitic, they do tend to be unbalanced and condemning. We are to judge righteous judgment (John 7:24), but in a spirit of kindness and mercy. Such books typically dredge up as much dirty laundry on the Jews as possible, but fail to offer significant hope for the future of the Jewish people. And none of the books written even from a Christian perspective succeed at getting to the root of the problem with Judaism which is intensely spiritual in nature.

This book is different. It pulls no punches, but it is fair. The historic origins of the religion are examined along with key examples of its modern-day application. How and why did Judaism develop? What were the major influences? What fundamental ideas and circumstances led to the origin and advancement of the so-called oral law and the Jews subsequent abandonment of the Scriptures as the sole authority in human affairs? How does the practice of Judaism differ from the way of life presented in Scripture and what spiritual harm, if any, is done to those who attempt to live by the Talmudic code of law? Importantly, this book examines Judaism from a spiritual perspective, dealing with the foundational causes of the religion. Moreover, this book holds out hope, showing that the Jews will yet fulfill their God-ordained role in the age to come…

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