Thoughts and Imaginations of the Heart–part one.

The sometimes rather pesky task of taking every thought captive can lead to finding the first purpose of the mind, which is to block. If we stop to ponder this function it seems to make sense. If our mind does not block thoughts what do we have? Insanity! does it build up 2 Corinthians 10:4, 5 : “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds; casting down imaginations, and every thing high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.” Let’s examine this powerful verse…we war not against flesh and blood …Eph 6:12, therefore carnal (weak, worldly) weapons will not do. We need weapons that are God-empowered. Their purpose is to pulling down (demolishing) strongholds, ways of habitually thinking (anything opposing God’s will). Paul is very specific about this type of warfare it is of the mind, against arrogant rebellious ideas and attitudes (which he terms imaginations here means arguments…), and against every high thing (pride) opposed to the true knowledge of God. The aim is to bring every disobedient thought to the obedience of Christ. Strongholds are first established in the mind; that is why we are to take every thought captive. Behind every stronghold is also a lie–a place of personal bondage where God’s Word has been subjugated to any unscriptural idea or personally confused belief that is held to be true. Thoughts are the product of mental activity. Webster defines thoughts as: A thought is an idea, speculation, perception, notion, contemplation, rationalization, or recollection. To think is to consider, thoughts may be deep or fleeting, and they are the power behind emotions and the will. Imaginations are thought patterns with good or evil intentions, the faculty of thinking and then knowing. Imaginations and thoughts may be interchangable. Imagination brings a verdict with a thought that sets forth a pattern. The phrase “Thought patterns” means the design, shape, or model of the mind and heart. In other words, imaginations are thought patterns brought into clear view and are the foundation from which good or evil desires come from. No one knows your thought pattern except you, your heart, and the Lord. We may keep our thoughts secret, or we may express them out loud. Some people try to express their thoughts and visit them in a secret place like this story.MindWarBlog (1) In the European country of Italy nearly 2,000 years ago, there was a thriving town called Pompeii. It was nestled on the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius. One man who lived in Pompeii painted filthy pictures on the walls of one of the rooms of his house. He normally kept the door to that room shut. He thought no one would ever know. But in 79 A. D., Mt. Vesuvius erupted and buried the town of Pompeii. And in more recent years archaeologists began to uncover the city, and they found houses just as the owners had left them. The house with the bad pictures was discovered, and today, those who tour Pompeii find that the guide keeps the door to that room locked so that people will not walk in accidentally, and become embarrassed. His thoughts came out into the open. Thoughts may increase our desires and hinder our Lords anointing in our lives. Unhealthy thoughts will eat away at our faith. Filling our minds with the Word of God so that His thoughts become our thoughts. Jeremiah 29:11.

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    May 17, 2019 @ 08:10:25

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