Buyer Beware!

The great grandson of L.Ron Hubbard speaks up about the family line.

I found a few highlights to add to the glamorous cult and their super supportive members.

Scientology has been obsessed with controlling information internally and thwarting external threats since the church’s early years. In the 1950s and ’60s, the secretive new movement promising spiritual growth and self-betterment was investigated by the IRS, FBI, CIA, FDA and others.

Hubbard instituted several safeguards. Interrogations called “security checks” wring from members information about threatening activities. In “Knowledge Reports,” members snitch on one another, reporting to the church anyone who breaks rules or poses a security risk.

Hubbard also wrote an extensive code of ethics. It prohibits actions not in the best interests of the group — the church. Wayward members are judged to be in a “low ethical condition.” The names Hubbard assigned these aberrant states of existence underscore concern for organizational security — Liability, Treason, Enemy. “Ethics officers” assure misbehavers re-order themselves to church norms.

Disconnection — the church’s shunning practice — is another control tool.

Other religions shun to varying degrees. Some orthodox Jewish sects, the Amish and Jehovah’s Witnesses steer clear of apostates. U.S. courts have said religious groups have a First Amendment right to do so.

Hubbard created a strict practice for Scientology — cut off all contact. He established it when he set down other security measures.

He also defined the enemy: any person suppressing the organization.


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