Butterfly Wonderland

Those of us who live in Arizona are a very fortunate people in that one of Almighty God’s handiwork’s is on display in a wonderland for all to see. Butterflies are autographs of His creativity. Each one is an expression of gentleness, graceful living, clothed in manifold splendours in a hostile environment. They continue to show His purpose despite a setting gone mad. They are for certain “eye candy” as reflected in a young child’s wonderment. We have a Museum that captures this beauty—-enjoy.


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  1. Chris
    Sep 13, 2013 @ 01:28:03


    You know how I feel about butterflies, Manny. If I ever get over that way, I will definitely stop at Butterfly Wonderland.

    I’ve never shared why butterflies are a spiritual image for me. Many view the butterfly as a symbol of the resurrection. My fascination comes not only from your excellent description of this incredible creation.

    In 1981, while my wife and I were planning our wedding, my Californian parents took a family trip to visit relatives in the East. They took a camper, and the two kids (of 6) that were left at home, with them. The plan was for the vacation to end in San Jose, CA for the wedding.

    A sudden rainstorm hit the deserts of New Mexico where my parents were. The camper skidded off of the road, went into a ditch, and landed upside-down. My parents were able to get out and were OK, but my brother and sister were trapped in the part of the camper that sits on top of the cab when the camper is upright.

    No one ever heard a sound from my sister. My brother couldn’t move a muscle as my Dad talked to him though a broken window in the side of the camper. Many men stopped and tried to help turn the camper over. In the end, my parents had to wait for a crane from the closest wrecking yard. It took quite a while.

    My beautiful sister, a very popular cheerleader and a wonderful person, was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. My father stayed behind to finish describing the accident to the appropriate officials while my Mom went to the hospital with my brother.

    When my Dad got to the hospital, he couldn’t believe that my brother was walking around with hardly a scratch on him.

    I was in college in Portland, Oregon and the wedding was a week or so away. After hearing the news, I decided to postpone the wedding. My Mom, like the wonderful Christian she is, refused to let that happen and said something like: “I’ve just lost one daughter and I’m going to gain another.”

    The people I was working for in Portland paid for my flight home so that I could go to the funeral. While there I talked to the Church Youth Group that I had led and that my sister was a part of. On the day of the funeral, the church was packed with friends and teachers from the high school among others.

    A few days after the funeral, My Dad and I decided to drive to New Mexico to get the truck. It hadn’t been damaged that badly, though the camper had been destroyed. We both wish we had never gone.

    The trip was a long one. I can’t remember ever being hotter. After hours of driving without a break, we stopped at the only oasis for a hundred miles. The little air conditioner on the roof struggled to keep up as many crowded into the little eatery trying to get some relief and give their vehicles a break. As we left, we were accused, at gun point, of stealing the truck. Somehow, I managed to convince the guy that we were legit.

    Miles down the road we stopped. I don’t remember why. I scanned the horizon. There was not a single, moving, living thing in sight. Desert cacti were all that could be seen for miles. I remember thinking “How can Hell be hotter than this?”

    And then I saw it. From out of nowhere, a butterfly fluttered by and landed near me. What a contrast to the environment surrounding us. “How did that butterfly get out here?” was the question that went through my brain. The butterfly reminded me of God’s love for me, my family, and for humankind.

    I don’t look for butterflies, but they seem to show up just when I need a “boost.”

    As a person who tries not to live by experiences (the exact thing that gets so many “Christians” moving in the wrong direction), I am not going to claim that my butterfly sightings are some great sign from God. At the same time, I will not dismiss the possibility. Either way, being reminded of God’s love when one is going through a trying time is a wonderful thing.

    I couldn’t have put it better than you have, Manny. I have seen a butterfly “clothed in manifold splendors in a (hellishly) hostile environment.” It reminded me of the hope I have in Christ; that life goes on in the midst of tragedy.

    That experience is why I use the butterfly as my symbol.

    Since then I have been though some very difficult and painful experiences. Because of God’s Word, not an experience, I know that even if I end up in a gutter somewhere starving to death that nothing can separate me from the Love of God in Christ Jesus my Lord.

    My sister, Julie, and I used to sit at the piano and play “Heart and Soul.” She would play the low part and I would go nuts at the high end of the piano. Neither one of us knew how to play the piano well, but we made some interesting music together.

    I hope there are pianos in heaven. If so, Julie and I will get another shot at it.

    Maybe a butterfly will float by.

    Thanks for letting me vent.

    God’s blessings…


    • Mannyr
      Sep 13, 2013 @ 03:28:24

      Chris, what a privilege to hear you story. I am saddened by the loss of your sister. I agree, butterflies are something so very special. Music as you know is very spiritual. I remember an experience i was given in which I heard a note played on a piano and I received a vision of the lady playing the piano as she worshipped our Lord on a Sunday morning prior to service. She was clothed in white and a very beautiful dress. She was dancing and twirling around and drawing near to a set of steps that led up to a platform. She continued to dance up each step with graceful ease, her arms extended toward heaven. She went up several stairs and platforms then the vision ended. I asked our Lord “what is going on here.”

      Typical for me, our Lord said “When you heard that one note you were caught up in the Spirit, the sister dancing was what I see when she plays the piano and worships Me.” He said, “that is just one note.” I was amazed and perplexed for a while and then asked Him about sharing it with her.”Not now, He said,later.” I did later that day, she burst into tears and told me it meant a lot to her that the Lord showed me the picture.

      Theology is one thing, and butterflies are another. I love butterflies.


    • Delight in Truth
      Sep 14, 2013 @ 00:45:26

      Sorry about your loss, Chris. Heartbreaking story… She went to be with the Lord and is now free to worship our Lord continually. On the piano.


  2. Chris
    Sep 14, 2013 @ 02:52:00

    Thanks for your kind words, guys. She is in a much better place than we are, but then you know that.

    I’ll introduce you to her someday.



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