The Hidden Truths of Godliness.


        And without controversy great is the mystery (hidden truth) of godliness:

                    God was manifested in the flesh,

                    Justified in the Spirit,

                   Seen by angels,

                   Preached among Gentiles,

                   Believed on in the world,

                   Received up in glory. 1 Timothy 3:16.

Jesus’ ministry, identity, and vocation are shown to be true by the work of the Holy Spirit.

Many believers erroneously assume that the more we grow spiritually, the better we will look to others. The truth is, the more we grow in Christ, the better God looks to others. The Apostle Paul speaks of the “mystery of godliness” as a series of truths about the Savior.

John the Baptist under the Holy Spirits leading concisely said, “Christ must increase, but I must decrease” (John 3:30). In simple terms, the truth of “who John is” must issue ultimately in the truth about who Jesus is. Practical, personal godliness might be called truth on display, Jesus being the Truth John 14:6).

The Father’s goal for our lives is to grow us up to be like His Son—to conform us to Christ’s image (Rom.8:29). As our lives tell the truth about God, people who do not know Him will be drawn to faith as they see what He is really like.

Godliness is conduct consistent with the character of Christ. As we grow in our relationship with God we are becoming more and more like Christ.

Tomorrow: NT word study, Image.

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  1. Chris
    Aug 20, 2013 @ 18:57:51

    Amen, Manny.

    Christians should be humble people. Your quote by John the Baptist: “Christ must increase, but I must decrease” is an excellent example for us.

    Jesus said, “Apart from Me you can do nothing.” It is a very humbling Bible verse.

    God’s blessings my friend and it is good to have you back…


    • Mannyr
      Aug 20, 2013 @ 20:32:17

      Yes Chris, I agree we should be humble. It is good to be back, the trip to academia was a bit oppressive. UCB is a green zone as one might expect, only faculty are allowed to park on campus. My grandson is debating whether to keep or sell his car. It’s only $300.00 a month for a parking garage off campus. While we were on the walking tour of the campus signage was noted that read,” This parking space is for Noble Laureates only. I had to laugh a couple of pick-up trucks were parked in the spaces.

      Blessings upon you and your family.


      • Chris
        Aug 21, 2013 @ 01:50:53

        I bet that humbled those Noble Laureates! My son is attending Henderson State University about an hour from our home. He checked in last week for his first year there. There is a small, yearly fee for parking, and he lives on the 8th floor of an 8 story dorm. It seems there is a schizophrenic on the 5th floor who was hanging around quite a bit during the orientation week.

        Grant worked hard in High School and got all As. Some of his courses transfer into college credits. He had options to go to several schools, even one that had offered him 100K plus in scholarships. He turned that school down because they didn’t have anything past a 4 year degree. Henderson offers courses for those who may want to get a Masters degree.

        Grant will be coming home this Friday to discuss the situation on campus. My brother is a schizophrenic so Grant knows the illness well. We may have to report this young man’s condition to someone on campus.

        $300 a month for parking? Wow. I think I only paid $25 a month for a parking space across the street from the school I taught at in San Francisco. But, that was in the early ’80s.

        I have already prayed that your grandson would have the wisdom to know what to do regarding his parking.

        May God bless you and your family my friend…


        • Mannyr
          Aug 21, 2013 @ 03:51:11

          Sounds like your son knows what he wants to do, that’s a big help. My grandson is not set yet but is trying to determine what he wants. I love him, but his head is up in the clouds and filled with philosophical cobwebs. He has some bogus ideas about the Bible and fancy’s himself as an Intelectual. Oh well, you can lead a horse to water but you can not make up drink. Thanks for your prayers they are greatly needed. My wife told me just now that A.S.U. has an enrollment of 10 thousand new students and many more have been turned away.

          I think that is incredible. I fear many are attending in hopes of a decent career. I know too many people who are overly qualified and cannot find employment, it is a very sad situation. Mr. Obummer has lowered the Interest rate for student loans which is, good but a better thing would be to stimulate the entire Job market with viable jobs and career opportunities. This country has a drastic need for the infrastructure to be upgraded. Many could find decent work in so many fields if the so-called government was to really concern themselves with the needs of the country and its up and coming younger people. Even if it meant some sort of career related job experience so when these folks graduate they would have some on the job training under their belts and present themselves as having some experience. it is not just tough to find decent work but far to many have no work related experience to present to an employer. My youngest daughter just graduated from A.S.U. and is faci9ng that hurdle, even with some o.j.t.

          Just a final thought, the San Francisco Bay bridge is nearing completion on its upgrade to the bridge after the upper deck collapsed during the earthquake. My brother informed me that they are already having trouble with the steel and the joints used, but are proceeding to complete the upgrade on schedule. The job went to a Chinese steel company. A huge job went to a foreign company that could have gone to an American company provided we still make our own steel. Do you think our current owners of America (China) are calling for some rent payments?


          • Chris
            Aug 21, 2013 @ 23:55:36

            I’ve heard about the bridge job in San Francisco, Manny. It is symbolic of America’s fall from grace.

            I think our kids and grand kids are going to have a much more difficult life than we’ve had. It is a sad thing to think, but I believe it to be the reality. Hopefully, Jesus will return in their lifetimes and expedite things a bit.

            As I’ve asked so many times on my blog: “How can God bless a nation that has turned its back on Him?”

            God’s blessings…


  2. kingintraining
    Aug 21, 2013 @ 10:05:00

    Amen- the better God looks to others! As Christians, we tend to miss that mark rather often!


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