Living in a state of revival precludes dwindling fires.

Do not quench the Spirit. 1 Thessalonians 5:19. NKJV.

quench (1)

There are more than a few reasons for revival fires to dwindle. Sometimes the purposes of God have been fulfilled as believers have been quickened to renewed evangelism and new outreaches have been carried out.

Other times revival can be cut short because of compromise and quenching the fire of the Holy Spirit’s presence. Genuine spiritual fires dwindle;

  • When we respond to the excitement of the crowds and miracles to dull our ears to hearing the foundational truths of the Holy Spirit’s counsel.
  • When we expect the Holy Spirit to shore up weaknesses in the local fellowship rather than correcting problems.
  • When we allow man’s pride and showmanship to distort the simplicity of God’s workings, and when God’s workings are reduced to clever publicity.
  • When we neglect to make disciples who would have multiplied the effectiveness of the revival.
  • When we allow breakdown of authority and unity in the leadership team through prayerlessness, weariness, or functioning outside the boundaries of individuals gifting’s.
  • When we depend “professionals” to further the growth of the church instead of fostering the release of ministries that have bonded to the life and values system of the congregation.
  • When we lose the focus and object of loving worship by using “worship” as a means of stimulating desired responses in people.
  • When we allow the “busyness and excitement” of revival to take priority over vigilance in humble prayer and intercession.
  • When we see revival as a way to advance a private local “kingdom” (congregation), rather than to benefit the whole body of Christ.

To quench carries the idea of dampening the flame of the Holy Spirit fire, which is poured out to purify, enlighten, warm, melt, consume. Quenching may be either a response likened to a grave yard, or an exaggerated disruptive response.

Revivals call for a renewed intimate response in mature obedience to His presence.

Tomorrow: The Manifestation of Grace.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chris
    Jul 22, 2013 @ 16:28:15

    “Quenching may be either a response likened to a grave yard, or an exaggerated disruptive response.”

    I think so too, Manny.

    The nine points you have described are good examples of disruption of the Spirit’s work. Thank you for sharing. The church would be wise to read such examples and take note.

    “Revivals call for a renewed intimate response in mature obedience to His presence.”

    This is exactly what my pastor focuses on during revival at our church. We focus on ourselves our relationship with our creator.

    It is a time of renewal.

    God’s blessings…


  2. Delight in Truth
    Jul 24, 2013 @ 03:30:46

    Showmanship and pride.

    I think these are huge, Manny.

    I am not against well prepared sermons, choirs, bands, music, etc, even on a very large scale. On the contrary I support the idea and I have personally been involved in such, but there is a point where man’s pride takes over and the Spirit is no longer there. The sad part is that many cannot discern this subtle spiritual truth.

    This is a sore subject for me because there are worship leaders out there who are not born again and all they do is basically a performance. I wrote a piece once on this… A friend added me to a facebook group for “praise and worship” musicians who lead “worship” in church every week, and I was SHOCKED by the the things I saw posted there.

    These guys are wanna be musicians who do not posses the talent to be recognized on the the world’s stage, so they come in church to perform… Yuk…

    Showmanship and pride below in church playing the theme from a mature audience TV show (Granger Community Church):


  3. Mannyr
    Jul 24, 2013 @ 18:58:30

    Delight, your comment is well received. I read your earlier post on non-Christians in worship and i have to say the Lord brought me to tears. Intercession has not lessened it yet but I feel it will.

    I have also experienced this unholy perversion. i am shocked by Pastors I have known who allow a member of a worship team living in open sin to continue to be a part of the team. I have to wonder about the entire situation, especially the area of spreading sin over Christ seeking people in Holy Worship.
    I have for years been burdened by the absence of “High Praise” in worship services. It is such a needed part of worship yet seems to be greatly curtailed. As a worship leader i am sure you understand my reference.

    I am easily put off by extremely loud music and the use of smoke and flashing lights. I consider them cheap in comparison to the living presence of the manifestation of the Holy Spirits presence. It seems we are being led off in the directions that ignore the spiritual in favor of earthly. Holiness is almost non-existent. Sad for us.


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