Symbolism in dreams and visions.

Many of us in the body of Christ are troubled by the path to anarchy which seems to be the flavor of the day here in America. Little by little the tenants of Christian faith are being trampled by the tyrannies, the despotic abuse of authority by all three branches of our so-called government. The latest slap in the face comes with the recent ruling against DOMA act (hereby avoiding a discussion of the DOMA bill and why it is needed in Alice’s wonderland on my part) what to do?  The usual, “oh well—just go with the flow,” seems to be the order of the day.

Yet is that what a majority are saying? Much talk is generated around the loss of tax exemptions etc. Many have voiced their intent to tell the government Nazi’s at I.R.S. “We don’t need them.” What to do? Might I suggest calling upon our Lord and seeking him for wisdom as to our question, what to do?

Proverbs 29:18 shows that when a society lacks any revelation from God (divine insight), such a society heads in the direction of anarchy.

I have also spoken by the prophets, and have multiplied visions: I have given symbols through the witness of the prophets. Hosea 12:10.

Dreams and visions are not always easy to understand. God uses the mystery of symbolism in dreams and visions to capture our imaginations and stir our hearts to a noble pursuit of wisdom and understanding. Solomon wrote, “It is the glory of kings to search out a matter” (Prov. 25:2). The interpretation of dreams and visions belongs to God. (Gen.40:8); but are we not kings and priests? ( Rev.5:10) and if we ask, seek, and knock, the door will be opened (Matt.7:7).

One of the symbols by which the prophets represented God’s message was the life of Hosea himself and his relationship with his wife Gomer, intended to depict God’s love for Israel.

Are only the prophets of old given symbols in visions today? I would like to share a vision told to me by someone I know very well.

Let me set this up properly with some basic rules of dreams and visions. God will speak to us in dreams for the most part when we are not inclined to allow Him to speak to us in a vision that is in what I call a video format; living color and surrounds sound at its best. The point here is God knows best how to speak to us as individuals in dreams and visions.

This vision was given as a revelation of how our Lord grows us up in His wisdom and answers our questions about how to face our natural and unnatural enemies in our walk with Him.

While awake pondering many questions this person saw a black background setting, and heard a mighty wind rushing through this vision along with a sharp focus of water running in a brook. Then the wind blew again and the scene was of one rushing along the tops of a huge pine forest heading upwards and then the scene opened to the floor of the forest where a newly born fawn wet from birth stood with shaky legs and huge eyes filled with fear and uncertainty as it surveyed its surroundings.

 Just as fast, all stopped and in what can only be described as a pan shoot (Camera view starting at the bottom and working up wards very slowly) of an aged buck deer, with strong light brown legs upward toward a huge chest of dark brown hair; continuing upward toward a huge majestic head with a full rack of (antlers curved ends of a crescent) horns extending all the way back to the bucks hind quarters.

The focus came back to the front pan of this buck again and focused on the steely look in the eyes of this buck as he turned his head from one side to the other slowly, methodically with great intensity scoping out his environment with much wisdom signified by the many forks in his rack, each representing a year in its life.

The scene went to black and the rushing mighty wind resumed and yet the babbling brook could be heard.

This person seeing the vision said, “Lord, what does all this mean?”

The interpretation: When you are born into the kingdom of God you are like the fawn, unaccustomed to your environment in the spiritual realm, standing on shaky legs spiritually and lacking wisdom from me as to how one survives in the midst of a forest of natural as well as unnatural enemies. As you walk with me you grow into the stature of the mature buck with his antlers and steely eyes that constantly scan for the enemy of your soul. Your intimacy with Me brings my wisdom.

Tomorrow: Five keys to hearing God’s voice.

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  1. Chris
    Jul 06, 2013 @ 03:12:31

    Hi Manny.

    This is an example of how visions can be seen in our day. It is also an example of how an interpretation can be made. Do you know who it was that made the interpretation? Was it the person who had the vision or someone else? It sounds like a very spiritual vision indeed with a spiritual meaning. However, for some reason, the person who made the interpretation is important to me. If it was a born again believer, there is credibility for the vision. If it was an unbeliever, the vision was not from God. I’m assuming the vision was seen and interpreted by believers since you have shared the story with us. Our God works in mysterious ways. I have never had a vision like this, but I can’t approve or denounce a vision like this without knowing more of the details. It sounds like it was authentic but I need to know more. Obviously, I am very cautious about these things.

    God’s blessings my friend…


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