The Holy Spirit in residence calls us to stop doubting and believe!

“Then the Spirit told me to go with them, doubting nothing. Moreover, these six brethren accompanied me, and we entered the man’s house.” Acts 11:12.


Doubting, diakrino, Strong’s #1252: This word has two definitions. 1. To judge thoroughly; to decide between two or more choices; to make a clear distinction; to separate two components, elements, or factors; to render a decision; to evaluate carefully. 2. The word also can also describe a conflict with oneself, in the sense of hesitating, having misgivings, doubting, being divided in decision making, or wavering between hope and fear.

peter comes to cornelius

   The Holy Spirit in Peter spoke with comfort to help him understand that what God has cleansed (Acts 11:9) he must not call common.

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  1. Chris
    Mar 30, 2013 @ 16:25:39

    Diakrino reminds me of a man that many think of this time of year: Thomas.

    There is the scripture from John 20:25:

    “So the other disciples were saying to him, ‘We have seen the Lord!’ But he said to them, ‘Unless I see in His hands the imprint of the nails, and put my finger into the place of the nails, and put my hand into His side, I will not believe.’”

    Thus, we have the name “Doubting Thomas.”

    Help us to doubt nothing Lord, as the spirit instructed Peter. We will then be better disciples.

    I appreciate another timely Greek word study, Manny.

    Thanks, Happy Resurrection Day, and God’s blessings…


    • Mannyr
      Mar 30, 2013 @ 16:41:11

      For all his doubts he was very honest. I am blessed by what our Lord said:”Blessed are they who have not seen and believe.” Wow, what an experience, they were in a room with locked doors for fear of the Jews. Jesus walked right through the doors! Now that’s a Savior. Nothing stops Him. I love the text that shows how our Lord came back for the one who had doubts and ended up having his doubts turn to the true faith.


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