Watched this at Wings of the Wind and reblogging it at Cracked-Pot. Take a few moments and listen to a great Man of God who champions Jesus and our nation and so many other key points. He is an example of a man who knows first hand the moral and just ways of God taught by his mother.

Wings of the Wind

I would like to thank Madge Franks for emailing this video to me. Dr. Carson spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast recently. He is a man with some answers, something that we could use more of these days. Let me know what you think about Dr. Carson’s speech.


Note: It is a few days after posting this and it appears that this video has been pulled from You Tube and you can no longer watch it here.  I don’t mean to be paranoid but it wouldn’t surprise me if Mr. Obama’s “workers” had something to do with this.  Since we know so little about the man in the oval office because people have been paid to keep secrets, should I be blamed for this type of thinking?  Maybe it’s just a glitch.  I bet it pops back up one of these days.  We’ll see.

Note 2: A day later and it’s back.  Must…

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