First Mention

I learned of the biblical term first mention from one of my dearest mentors and Pastor Dr. Charles E. McHatton. He explained the term to mean whenever a word or name is used for the first time in the Bible it sets the correct usage for what follows.

Another friend of both Pastor McHatton and myself was Dr. Judson Cornwall a pastor, tremendous teacher of the Word in Bible schools and author of over fifty books. In his book, the Exhaustive Dictionary of Bible Names (Coauthored with Stelman Smith) he wrote this: Jehovah= FM (Genesis 2:4) Self-existent; the eternal, ever-loving One; He will be; i.e. the Eternal who always is; the eternal One; the I AM THAT I AM.

This name reveals God as the One Who is absolutely self-existent, and who, in Himself, possesses essential life and permanent existence.

A name of covenant relationship; God’s signature when He entered into covenant with man (Genesis 15).  The name is first mentioned in Genesis 2:4; indicating that Elohim, the God of relationship, now requires order and obedience.

Jehovah is derived from the Hebrew verb “havah” to be; to exist; being; to breathe. He is the One who continually reveals Himself and His ways and purposes.

A Middle-Ages Jewish commentator, Moses Maimonides, stated that, “All the names of God which occur in Scripture are derived from His works except one, and that is Jehovah, and this is called the plain name, because it teaches plainly and unequivocally of the substance of God. In the name Jehovah the personality of the Supreme is distinctly expressed. It is everywhere a proper name denoting the person of God and Him only.”

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  1. Chris
    Nov 06, 2012 @ 02:31:51

    Very interesting, Manny. I have never heard the term “first mention” before. I’ve never heard of these scholars you have mentioned either. Just goes to show you that some of the greatest are those never known by many. How many of the false teachers are known by millions?

    It is an upside-down world.


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