Who is Jesus

To the Jewish people since Abraham, Jesus is a “Stumbling block and a rock of offense.” To the Islamists, He is a mere prophet like Moses. To Mormonism, He is Satan’s brother.

Many have much to say about Jesus. Many say he was a good fellow, a prophet, one who speaks forth words from God. Many say he was a charlatan and a mere man. Far and away most vehemently deny His Deity. That’s really quite shallow, and the springboard for many false assumptions that lead good intentioned people astray.
The Bible speaks for itself. The Bible is a book that has to be read with a human spirit awakened to the subject of the Bible which is God. “They that worship God must worship Him in Spirit and in truth.” It is not a book that can be read like a novel, when finished one fells qualified to comment from one’s own unregenerate spirit. This type of statement sets many people off.
So who is Jesus and what’s all the fuss? Jesus was a man like all men, He was called by many names but his favorite was the Son of Man. He was born for the purpose of redeeming His creation as God in the flesh, hence the title Son of Man one who could identify through His own experiences as a man. He was also called The Son of God, he is the exact representation of the godhead bodily, this title offends many; whole religions have been formed to refute these names which reveal the character of the person known as Jesus Christ and His role as redeemer of all mankind.

Just a cursory glance at a much maligned verse like John 1:1 ” In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” In its original Greek scriptures it is very clear just what is inferred. To be brief it says that God the Word (meaning the total communication of God) stood face to face with God the Father. This is a way of saying they are co-equal and Jesus is Deity. This to the dismay of many false religions encourages unregenerate people to make statements of which are ridiculous. Time and space as they say does not allow me to lay out the doctrine of the Trinity.
Again, who is Jesus and what’s the fuss? It is very elemental and made simple to be understood if one has an open mind and a willingness to hear. Adam according to the Bible sinned and fell out of fellowship and died in his spirit because of sin. He became a mere man with no ability to fellowship or communicate with God. What died? Adam lived nine hundred years before his body gave out. His spirit died to the quickening presence of God.
Christ’s redemption is known by many, but do they believe? One group of people who are called God’s chosen people have forsaken the ways of God according to the very scriptures they profess to believe. In Jesus’ own words, to them His chosen people He said: “Search the scriptures; for in them you think you have eternal life; and they are they which testify of me, and you will not come to me, that you might have life.”
Clearly Jesus addresses their refusal of Him as the Messiah (please remember Jesus was a practicing Jewish believer who was raised to respect the Word of God) and clearly told them the error of their ways; knowing the consequences of his statements.
In another verse: “The Father has life in himself, and he has granted his Son to have life in himself, and he has given him authority to Judge all mankind because he is the Son of Man.”
The Old Covenant mentions three signs of the coming messiah. John shows that Jesus has fulfilled all three signs. Authority to judge is given to him as the Son of Man (John 5:21 with Daniel 7:13-14) the lame and sick are healed (John 5:21, 28 with Isaiah 35:6; Jeremiah 31:8-9). The dead are raised to life (John 5:21, 28 with Deuteronomy 32:39; 1 Samuel 2:6; 2Kings 5:7)
When Jesus came into Jerusalem riding on a donkey the crowd that followed him heard Him make a statement that explains the position that chosen people of God were taught in error.
Jesus said “and when I am lifted up on the cross, I will draw everyone to myself” (in reference to Numbers 21:6-9 where the children of Israel were saved from death by looking to the cross). He said this to indicate how he was going to die. “Die?” asked the crowd. “We understood from scriptures that the Messiah would live forever. Why are you saying the Son of Man will die? Who is this Son of Man you are talking about?”
The crowd could not believe what Jesus was saying about the Messiah. They were waving palm branches for a victorious Messiah who would set up a political, earthly kingdom that would never end. They had been taught from certain scriptures that the Messiah would never die (Psalms 89:35, 36; 110:4; Isaiah 9:7) other passages, however, showed that he would die (Isaiah 53:5-9)
Jesus’ words did not fit their concept of the Messiah. He as a gentle Messiah who had to suffer and die as the unblemished Lamb of God. Then He would set up His eternal Kingdom.
Many religions claim many things, but none offer redemption from the wages of sin (separation from God). All these religions deny original sin including the chosen people of God. It is self evident as to why. Other religions claim to speak for God- What God?
Jesus came as the Lamb of God, humbled himself as a man. He laid aside His Deity as the Son of God. He never advocated for His disciples to arm themselves and wage a physical war against anyone who did not believe what He taught. He certainly did not teach anyone to practice genocide against the Jewish people nor start a holy war against Islamists.
Throughout scripture God is ever respectful to man about his self-will. God never forces Himself upon anyone. To them who believe Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, God the Father gives the right to become the sons of God. All who believe in Him are made the righteousness of God in Jesus. No one is righteous by birth and no one can earn God’s forgiveness by acts of piety.
Some say that one can find purity in oneself. The word of God says: “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.”
God of the Bible Old and New Testament clearly teaches us that we are sinners and need a savior to approach a Holy God. In the book of Exodus God gives Moses all the information as to how to build a Tabernacle, a place where the high Priest can meet with God and receive forgiveness of sin for the Nation of Israel. One of the pieces of furniture used is the “Arc of the Covenant” wherein were stored three articles.
This Arc represented the living presence of the God of Israel. A couple of centuries later King David brought this Arc back to Jerusalem where he intended to house it. Along the way a man saw the arc tip precariously as to fall he reached up and attempted to steady it. He was struck dead. This is to say the least a very hard lesson—the God of the Bible is very serious about sin. In the Old Covenant the right of approach to the presence of God was by a prescribed method.

The point here being we in and of ourselves can never attain to any purity of our own. It is a very harsh yet very pointed lesson in that the God of the bible is holy and can only be approached by the method He prescribes, an acceptable sacrifice that is the sin less life of Jesus.
Many others claim all one needs is logic and they will understand the ways of their god. The Bible clearly teaches that as a man thinketh so is he. Along with this verse is this: as in water face reflects to face, so the heart of man reveals the man.
On the deepest level, this is a statement about substance, and shows the difference of substance between the “old man” and the “new man.” In the beginning, in darkness, one thinks he is material, and so he is. Through spiritual understanding, the “old man” is found to be a liar and so then the “new man” thinks (knows) that he is spiritual; and so he is. This is only because of Jesus.
So who is Jesus? He is the Son of Man, the Son of God, and God in the flesh, and the only way to be accepted by the Holy Father in Heaven. “He is the truth, the Way and the Life.” Jesus said: “No man comes to the Father except through me.”

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  1. Chris
    Aug 16, 2012 @ 04:40:59

    Is there a way to subscribe to this blog, Manny? I would love to get the automatic email whenever there is a new post.


  2. Mannyr
    Aug 17, 2012 @ 18:07:23

    I will check it out Chris.


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