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Do Ya smell that?


                                    Is it too late to learn something useful?


Over the Top: child sex trafficking.

The Real Criminals in Child Abuse and Sex Trafficking do not Want this Information Public.


Tammi Stefano is the Executive Director of The National Safe Child Coalition (NSCC). At one point during the interview she related how her child advocacy campaigns have resulted in death threats from angry foster parents. She also stated that her website has been hacked, and that her phone has been tapped “numerous times.”

As Stefano stated:

“What we are finding now is this trafficking is a lot bigger, and a lot more involved politically than we care to look at, or the media won’t cover. Everybody is afraid because there are some really big heavy hitters that are very influential that are involved.”

We need some real change in our nation, only one person can bring it —-guess who.

Real Comedians

From stuffing checks to hand-stands these critters are a crack up.


Water has memory

Come on, what do you think about that?

More on water and its memory

Undressing water may lead to cures for many diseases. Now theres a thought!

Hillary for Prison 2016

this one


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